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Trenbolone Cycle

A Trenbolone cycle can be one of the most exciting anabolic steroid cycles of all; maybe the most exciting of all. A steroid well-suited for buildups in mass in strength it is just as effective for cutting cycles and perhaps the greatest cutting steroid of all time. Trenbolone truly is a game changer as it can take any physique from average to something most any individual would be proud of and then some. Whether youre looking for massive piles of mass or simply a massive increase in strength or maybe you dont want to be any bigger at all, you simply want to be peeled to the bone; the good news is the right Trenbolone cycle can do it for you regardless of specific goals.

We have laid out a Trenbolone cycle to meet each category of use; bulking, cutting, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each Trenbolone cycle will display the proper manner in how to stack the steroid, when to run it and how much to use. Of course it must be noted, these doses are generalized, we cannot account for each persons individual needs and dosing adjustments may need to be made depending on your needs, goals and individual sensitivity to the hormones in play. Further, we have not included non-steroidal items such as Aromatase Inhibitors, peptide hormones, fat-burners and so forth. In our examples here we are only concerned with the Trenbolone cycle itself and how to mix and match your various steroids in-order to maximize use. Further, all Trenbolone cycle examples are based on the small ester Trenbolone-Acetate; this is the most common form of Tren, the easiest to use and control and all around the superior form we have available.

Beginner Trenbolone Cycle:

A first Trenbolone cycle will rarely be your first anabolic steroid cycle; as this can be a harsh steroid its usually best used once you have become accustomed to anabolic steroids in the first place. Were not saying you cant supplement with Tren your first go around but youll probably be a lot better off if you wait at least a cycle or two.

  • Beginner Trenbolone Cycle:
    WK 1-12 Test-E or Cyp 500mg-600mg/wk
    WK 5-12 Tren-A 50mg/eod
  • This basic Trenbolone cycle can be used for cutting or bulking; the food you eat will largely determine which direction you go. If you choose to run this cycle during a bulking phase a dosing of Dianabol at 25mg-30mg per day may be added the first 6 weeks. Further, for many this will be all the Trenbolone they need; although weve labeled it as a beginners cycle it will serve most any athlete.


    The following Trenbolone cycles are for those who have supplemented with the hormone before responded to it well and desire a little more bang for their buck. We have broken each Trenbolone cycle down into a bulking and cutting phase from which to choose.

  • Intermediate Bulking:
    WK 1-6 Anadrol 50mg/ed
    WK 1-8 Tren-A 75mg/eod
    WK 1-12 Test-E or Cyp 750mg-800mg/wk
  • Intermediate Cutting:
    WK 1-8 Test-E or Cyp 750mg-800mg/wk
    WK 1-8 EQ 400mg/wk
    WK 9-16 Winny 50mg/ed
    WK 9-16 Tren-A 75mg/eod
    WK 9-16 Test-P 500mg/wk
  • Advanced:

    An advanced Trenbolone cycle will without question provide big results but it can be harsh and side-effect ridden if caution is not applied. You must be a strong positive responder to the hormone before you try this and you should have plenty of anabolic steroid cycles under your belt before you give it any consideration. Again, we have broken down each Trenbolone cycle into bulking and cutting plans and as always it is important to remember total food intake will play a massive role on the direction you choose to go.

  • Advanced Bulking:
    WK 1-6 Dbol 50mg/ed
    WK 1-10 Deca 400mg/wk
    WK 9-16 Tren-A 100mg/eod
    WK 11-16 Dbol 50mg/ed
    WK 1-16 Test-E or Cyp 1,000mg/wk
  • Advanced Cutting:
    WK 1-8 EQ 200mg/eod
    WK 1-8 Test-E or Cyp 200mg-250mg/eod
    WK 9-14 Tren-A 100mg/eod
    WK 9-14 Winny 50mg/ed
    WK 9-16 Test-P 200mg/eod
    WK 15-16 Tren-A 100mg/ed
    WK 15-16 Winny 100mg/ed
  • Keys:

    - Test-E: Testosterone-Enanthate
    - Cyp: Testosterone-Cypionate
    - Test-P: Testosterone-Propionate
    - EQ: Equipoise
    - Deca: Deca-Durabolin
    -Tren-A: Trenbolone-Acetate
    - Winny: Winstrol/Stanozolol
    - Dbol: Dianabol
    - WK: Week
    - EOD: Every Other Day
    - ED: Every Day
    - MG: Milligram