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Equipoise is another steroid popularly used. Power lifters and body builders buy equipoise because of the premium quality muscle build up it offers along with negligible aromatization effects.

How it Works

Equipoise is a steroid which shows strong anabolic qualities. It was basically manufactured on the lines of Dianabol a strong steroid which is taken orally. This drug gives you dynamic muscle gains; the muscle quality is quite superior; however the muscle build up takes time. You should buy Equipoise if you are looking for slow and superior gains but if you want rapid muscle build up then this steroid is not for you.

This steroid accelerates the process of protein synthesis. Muscles are made up of proteins and protein synthesis helps in storing more proteins in the muscles. Those who took equipoise also noticed an increase in appetite; therefore a diet rich in calories is recommended for those who buy equipoise to gain muscle mass. Besides a good diet, extensive workouts are also necessary for a good build up of muscles which in turn require lots of stamina. Those who buy equipoise stand to achieve higher energy levels and increased stamina as equipoise increases the number of red blood cells in the body. This increases the endurance level of the body and the user doe not get overly fatigued by the intense workouts. The recovery time taken by the body also lessens with the use of this steroid.

Body builders and power lifters buy equipoise because it is a versatile steroid which can be used when preparing for competitions and it makes a wonderful bulking agent as well. It gives good results when used alone and its advantages become more pronounced when used in combination with other steroids. Another advantage you will get when you buy equipoise is that it has a long half cycle of around 14 to 16 days and so does not need to be injected frequently.

The user of equipoise does not need to worry about estrogenic activities like water retention and gynocomastia which occur due to aromatization. Water retention causes the accumulation of fluids between the skin and the muscles making them look bloated and in gynocomastia, there is an abnormal deposition on the male breasts making them very large. Blood pressure and electrolyte balance also stays in the comfort zone with this steroid.

Side Effects of Equipoise

Though side effects like hair loss, steroid acne and gynocomastia do not occur with this steroid but this happens when the prescribed dosage and time period of the drug is not exceeded. The ideal dose of equipoise which will give gains without any side effects is 400 to 600 mg per week while women can take 50 to 150 mg per week.

The biggest concern when using this drug is that it may cause a closure of the production of normal hormones in the body. Our body manufactures testosterones; the usage of steroids causes an influx of testosterones in the body which signal the body the slow down its production or to stop it altogether causing sexual dysfunction. For this reason it is recommended that testosterones should also be taken along with equipoise.

The prolong use of this steroid may cause insomnia, chills, nausea and diarrhea. In women the use of equipoise may lead to the disturbance in the menstrual cycle or it may cause post menstrual bleeding as well; while men are mostly victims of steroid acne and increased aggressions. Steroid acne occurs because equipoise causes the sebaceous glands present in the body to become over active. Sebaceous glands excrete an oily substance called sebum. Excess of sebum appears on the skin as acne; the worst hit parts of the body are back, chest, shoulders and arms. On the face it appears on the forehead and cheeks.