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Clenbuterol Effects

Clenbuterol Hydrochloride is a popular bronchodilator that stimulates the Beta-2 receptors used to treat breathing disorders such as asthma and often used as a fat-loss performance enhancing medication; the latter is more common than anything else. Clenbuterol effects are very potent regarding total metabolic activity; in-fact, Clenbuterol effects can be the difference in leaning out and really leaning out. No, this is not a magical fat-loss medication that is going to pull 50lbs of body-fat off your frame but it can greatly aid in improving an already well-planned out diet and greatly aid in removing stubborn body-fat. With that in mind we want to look at the direct Clenbuterol effects, the good and the bad so that you may be able to supplement appropriately.

Clenbuterol Effects the Metabolism:

While somewhat of a moderate medication Clenbuterol effects on the metabolism are quite remarkable. By its very nature Clenbuterol effects are directly linked to lipolysis by the manner in-which heat is increased in the body. The way it works is simple; with the medications presence the mitochondria of the cells release more heat, as this heat is released the body’s core temperature is increased and as temperature is increased so is metabolic efficiency. As metabolic efficiency is enhanced more stored body-fat is used, more stored body-fat is burned and used as energy. Directly this causes a decrease in body-fat.

Of course if you’re not dieting, if you’re still consuming more calories than you can burn Clenbuterol effects on the metabolism are not going to be powerful enough to cause you to lose any body-fat. True, you may be able to improve, if you’re consuming more calories than you burn yet supplementing with Clen as it is commonly known you may slow down fat gain to a degree; however, this is not a beneficial practice. The best way to look at it is by keeping heat in mind. Our metabolism functions in many ways but heat plays a large role; the more heat (the larger the fire) the more fat we burn. If our fire is not that big to begin with adding Clen is not going to make much of a difference. The idea behind Clenbuterol is to maximize what we’re already doing right and not to create a shortcut. If you can understand this then by the manner in-which Clenbuterol effects the action of the metabolism, then and only then will you be able to maximize use.

Beyond direct lipolysis Clenbuterol effects have been linked to appetite suppression. This can be very beneficial to those who have a hard time controlling their food intake when dieting but while Clenbuterol effects of this nature can appear they do not appear in all who supplement. Appetite suppression seems to be very individually based; some will experience it while others won’t. Of course on the flip side, those who experience appetite suppression may do so to such a large degree they have a hard time eating in general. If this occurs you’ll want to stay away from Clenbuterol; after all, not eating is just about the worst thing you can do for your metabolism.

Negative Clenbuterol Effects:

Clenbuterol effects on the metabolism are very beneficial but Clenbuterol effects of an adverse nature can be very bothersome and somewhat problematic. The majority of these adverse reactions are simply bothersome and annoying and hardly dangerous at all but Clen can lead to one serious negative end that is worthy of note and discussion. Clen can cause cardiac hypertrophy (enlarged heart) in individuals who supplement irresponsibly. High doses and far extended use is what will normally lead to this condition making responsible use absolutely imperative. For this reason we must limit out total usage if we are to remain healthy. Most will find a total of 4 months of Clen use per year to be adequate and safe with doses never surpassing the 120-140mcg per day marking and only residing at these high doses for short periods of use. Keeping your dose as low as possible for as long as possible will be very beneficial.

Adverse or negative Clenbuterol effects most will experience largely revolve around this Beta-2 stimulators stimulating effect. Most all who supplement will notice they become very jittery, almost a wired sense. Generally this condition will pass after a short time of use as the body adapts but there are those who will experience it through the total duration of use. Other stimulating effects may include insomnia and even anxiety with anxiety affecting a very small fragment of the Clen using population. Due to the stimulating nature you are encouraged to supplement early on in the day so that it does not interfere with your rest. Some individuals may also experience muscle cramps due to use but in most all cases this is easily combated by simply drinking a little extra water.