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ABOUT US is a singly focused, objectively unbiased informational website with the expressed intent of educating the public about the facts, dangers and risks associated with the non-prescribed use of androgenic anabolic steroids. We are especially dedicated to that segment of the population for whom steroids are particularly harmful namely, teens and young adults whose still maturing bodies can experience hindered development, and women whose endocrine systems are simply not designed to assimilate synthetic exogenous male sex hormones, i.e. steroids.

The primary purpose of is to keep young people (teenagers & young adults) safe by providing them as well as their parents, teachers, coaches and guardians with the necessary valid and reliable tools to truly understand what steroids are, and how these powerful hormones affect the bodies of children, teens, women and men alike.

The material presented here is extremely ‘objective’ as opposed to the traditionally pro and con slanted perspectives which so often accompany the topic of steroids. All of the information provided has been thoroughly researched, the vast majority which is clearly corroborated by referenced medical/clinical journal studies on the effects of androgenic anabolic steroids within the human body.

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