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Anavar is a unique steroid which is taken orally. You can buy Anavar as it is a “friendly steroid” and has mild side effects.

It is one of the most popular anabolic androgenic steroids of all time and it is called Oxandrolone; you probably know it best by its most popular trade name “Anavar.” For years and years this steroid has existed high in demand and while popular among both sexes more women buy Anavar than anyone else. Make no mistake, the Oxandrolone hormone can benefit a man as well, it is simply so well-tolerated in women and one of the few steroids that is, it has a special place in the world of female supplementation.

For cutting purposes this will be the best time to buy Anavar for almost any athlete as the hormones nature is simply well-suited to this end. In-fact, most men will find the hormone almost useless for bulking needs; however, many women as they are more sensitive to the hormone can actually gain decent lean tissue with use. Even so, even for females it remains cutting or dieting to be the most efficient period of use but for whatever purpose and whatever sex you may be, before you buy Anavar there are some very important things you need to know.

Demand, Price & Caution

As so many athletes want to buy Anavar due to its mild and generally safe nature the demand for this little steroid pill is through the roof. As the demand is so high, as is common with steroids that carry such a high demand the price is very high and we do mean very expensive. For example, a 10mg Anavar tab can cost anywhere from $2-$4; conversely, a simple 10mg Dianabol tablet can be found for less than a dollar, sometimes and not as rare as you think for less than half a dollar. One reason for the high price is simply the supply of Anavar is not as great as Dianabol; supply and demand laws apply to anabolic steroids just as they do to everything else in life. However, it remains the demand itself is the biggest factor; so many want to buy Anavar and steroid suppliers know this and they know they can get a very good price for it.

With the demand so high and the price following suite we also have another problem beyond price when we buy Anavar. As one of the most sought after anabolic steroids it is also unfortunately one of the most commonly counterfeited; it may not be the most commonly counterfeited but there’s a good chance it is, if not, it’s close. It is not uncommon at all for the tabs to be completely faked and possess no active steroidal hormone at all. While this is common, even more common are supposed Anavar tabs that are really a different steroid altogether. Labs that practice this unsavory behavior commonly do so with Dianabol powder as the powder by-which Dianabol derives is very cheap. This allows them to sell a product that still packs a solid anabolic punch and while a steroid, one that performs very differently than the one you thought you bought. For a woman this can be horrific as steroids such as Dianabol can cause severe problems in females. Of course for a male it’s not all that dangerous but no one likes not getting what they paid for. Of course there’s also the issue of a real tablet simply being under-dosed; you buy Anavar in 10mg tabs only to possess tabs that are of a 2mg strength; again, this is very common.

Protecting your Anavar Purchase

If you buy Anavar on the black market you’re always taking a risk and as most buy Anavar and all their anabolic steroids on the black market it is a risk most of you will take. Of course the best course of action is to buy Anavar legally. In the United States you’ll need a prescription and to get one you’ll need a reason beyond performance enhancement. Of course if you live in one of the many numerous countries that do not carry strict anabolic steroid laws you can simply walk into your local drug store but the strong majority will still buy Anavar on the black market.

When we buy Anavar we have two choices; Human Grade (HG) and Underground (UG) and they are not always equal. More often than not most UG products will be nothing more than flaming piles of crap. There are solid UG products out there, good labs exist that produce products as good as any HG line but the vast majority do not. Then we have the HG products themselves; this will be Anavar that was compounded legally by a licensed pharmacy and it will be of a 100% quality nature each and every time. Of course we do have another issue of concern; some steroid sources will counterfeit HG Anavar; you buy Anavar of a HG form and still get screwed and again, this is not all that uncommon. For this reason you must be careful about who you trust and who you buy from and you must understand while there are many solid suppliers who practice their trade with quality customer service in mind, as this field exist on the black market it is plagued with scavengers.

The End Game

In the end the truth is simple; Anavar is a popular steroid due to its mild and well-tolerated nature. As such, as the demand is so high this steroid can often be very expensive and commonly counterfeited. Those who use caution, who do their homework and put a little effort into the process will not have to concern themselves with fakes but so many are so impatient they’ll buy Anavar from the first snake oil salesman they find. Do not be this guy. If you want to supplement with the Oxandrolone hormone there is a lot of quality product out there; you may have to work a little to find it but it’s out there. Of course you’re still going to pay a lot more for it than most other anabolic steroids but if you supplement correctly and responsibly and if your diet and training is in-line the cost to benefit ratio will be strongly in your favor.

How Avavar Works

Anavar has mild anabolic and low androgenic properties and can bind strongly to androgen receptors (AR). It has a half life which lasts for about 8 hours. Anavar was introduced by Searle USA in 1964. In the beginning it was widely used in the treatment of anemia, infertility, osteoporosis and other diseases especially muscle wasting diseases but later it became more popular as a steroid because of its remarkable muscle mass building abilities.

Anavar is a mostly used by female bodybuilders and is often dubbed as “the girl steroid”. The reason why women buy Anavar is because of its low side effects. Steroids are generally not meant for women as it can cause serious side effects some of which may be irreversible and some as extreme as infertility. Anavar however has no such problems and is safe for women. Anavar is extensively used by men too who buy Anavar as it gives lean, hard, well defined and toned physique. Low side effects are due to the fact that Anavar does not aromatize; nor does it convert to DHT. For this reason it does not produce gynocomastia the most feared side effect of steroids in which men develop large breasts. Water retention which takes away the hard well defined look from the muscles making them look puffy instead is also low with this steroid. Testicular atrophy another common side effect of most steroids does not occur with Anavar making it one of the safest steroids to use.

Body builders and athletes buy Anavar as it strengthens the muscles and builds up muscle mass effectively. It also protects the muscles from wasting as it has the ability to prevent protein catabolism a process in which the proteins stored in the muscles is broken down and used to produce energy. Users buy Anavar as it increases the energy levels. It gives the user more stamina and drive to train harder. This happens because it causes the number of red blood cells to raise thereby giving more oxygen carriers and raising the blood volume. It gives weight gains but the gains are not significant and that is why it does not make a good bulking agent.

Side Effects of Anavar

Although Anavar does not cause Virilization but if women who Buy Anavar do not stick to the recommended dosage (25 mg/day), then Virilization can occur. In Virilization women develop male characteristics due to excess of hormones in the body. Women undergo excess hair growth on face and body. Their voice deepens and becomes hoarse and they look more like men. In Virilization, the breasts of women shrink and the clitoris enlarges. Women can also become infertile as their menstrual cycle becomes disturbed or menses can stop altogether. Similarly gynocomastia can also occur if Anavar is taken for a longer time period.

Anavar is a 17-alpha alkylated drug and is thus liver toxic. Oral steroids undergo chemical alterations so that they are not rejected by the liver. These changes can damage the liver and in mild cases cause jaundice but if the use is continued then it can lead to liver cancer.

Anavar can be easily detected in doping tests as traces appear in urine even after 14 days of the last dose taken. The blood pressure also shoots up with the use of Anavar and it can also disrupt the cholesterol level of the user. Those who are suffering from cardiovascular problems or have cardiac problems in the family should not use this steroid at all.

The user of Anavar also suffers from sleep disorders and experiences changes in sexual drive. Change in skin color and nausea are also common with this steroid. However these side effects rarely occur.