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For those who buy steroids online, possible legal ramifications aside one generally has two things to consider; domestic or international and underground or human grade. True, when it comes to anabolic steroids and performance enhancement in general there are quite a few other things to consider as well, such as intended goals, cycle planning etc. but in-terms of purchase when one chooses to buy steroids online these are the questions to consider.

Human Grade & Underground

When you buy steroids online you will find in many cases human grade versions being far more widely available than if you purchase from a local gym dealer. Sure, some local gym dealers carry human grade lines but the majorities do not. For the internet supplier, while many only specialize in underground gear quite a few carry both underground and human grade forms, giving the purchaser a wider breadth of options.

Make no mistake, regardless of your source human grade versions will normally cost a little bit more but the difference in price is made up in the quality of gear you’re receiving. While some underground labels actually make quality gear the vast majority do not; in-fact, most underground labels carry nothing short of pure garbage and in the end, no matter how cheaply obtained in most cases you simply flushed your money right down the toilet. Human grade versions will always prove to not only be the most highly effective but the cleanest as well and when you’re talking about putting a substance in your body “Clean” is the only way to go. Granted, there are some anabolic steroids that do not come in human grade form, such as Trenbolone and Equipoise, so you’ll have to do a little more hunting to find a quality product. However, when you buy steroids online, in the gym or anywhere for that matter, for the bulk of your purchases stick with human grade brands and you will largely eliminate any disappointment.

Domestic & International

Those who buy steroids online will find there are far more international sources than domestic ones; especially regarding U.S. customers. In places such as the U.S. where it is against the law to sell anabolic steroids the amount of sources is normally a bit limited and more often than not the variety and options follow suit. However, when you buy steroids online from an international supplier, as the law is far more lenient in many cases regarding their origins the variety and options can be quite large. This will further largely affect the total price in-which you pay, as those who buy steroids online from international suppliers will normally pay far less than they would by going through a domestic route. No, this is not always the case regarding price; you can find very decently priced domestic sources; however, for the U.S. based customer by-in-large the international route will always prove to be the best deal in-terms of money spent.

The End Game

Regardless of who or where you buy steroids online from you need to understand the law as it pertains to where you live as such a purchase can often be highly illegal and severe consequences can apply to those who choose to ignore it. However, legality remaining aside the ultimate key to success will be your own personal research; just as you wouldn’t do when purchasing a car, when you buy steroids online the last thing you want to do is to walk into it blindly. The sources are out there and there are truly more than you can count and in truth it can be quite overwhelming, especially when we consider the fact that the majority of suppliers are scammers and frauds. For those who choose to buy steroids online you’ll find one of your best tools to be websites that specialize in purchase discussion, ones that break down the various sources and hold them accountable for their actions. Keep in mind, a large portion of these sites are run by the very suppliers that rip a many people off, so you’ll need to research the site itself before you rely on it to give you the information you desire.