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Mexican Steroids

There’s no two ways about it; Mexican steroids are perhaps the most widely used steroids in the history of anabolic use. Due to the lack of regulation, anabolic steroids have been manufactured, sold and obtained out of Mexico more rapidly over the past 30 years perhaps more so than any other country in the world. The U.S. alone is responsible for a large part of the success these Mexican underground labs would receive. Because U.S. anabolic users could obtain them so easily due to the proximity and the prices were at one time absolutely unbeatable, quickly Mexican steroids became the favorite of many U.S. performance enhancing athletes. While these anabolic steroids were at one time in high demand the demand for Mexican steroids has begun to fall in recent years; there was a time when these products were nothing short of gold but as time would progress a different story would unfold.

The Domination of Mexican Steroids:

For decades Mexican steroids dominated the market; with low prices and high quality they were without a doubt very tough to beat. For many gear users in the U.S. these anabolics became not only the only ones they’d use but the only ones they wanted to use and for the best reasons of all; they worked perfectly and were of an unbeatable price; but that was then.

All Good Things Must End:

As can be common when dealing with underground lab steroids eventually Mexico would sing a different but oh so familiar song. Year after year the demand for Mexican steroids increased at a rapid rate, maybe even a little too fast if that’s possible. Because of this high demand a few horrible things would occur. As demand increased so did the greed and year after year new labs were popping up all over the Mexican front and these labs were nothing short of the lowest quality that could be found. Moreover, some of the once high quality labs began to go south; it could have been due to the demand being higher than they could keep up with, it may have been laziness; we’ll never know but there’s no doubt about it, as quickly as they rose to power the fall of Mexican steroids was of equal strength.

Mexican Steroids & Garbage- Is there a Difference?

With the demand for Mexican steroids being through the roof and the introduction of several new underground labs, soon the market would begin to crumble and the problems were vast. As many of the old quality labs were still in business even many of them would begin to flounder; perhaps this was due to trying to keep up with the game but in the end we’ll never really know why. Nevertheless, the problems were there; fake gear and under-dosed gear being sold at a rapid rate and dirty gear, never before has such a massive amount of dirty gear ever existed. At one time Mexico held its head high in-terms of the quality gear it produced but as the garbage seeped in much of this stigma would soon fade away.

The End Game:

While most Mexican steroids we can safely say are not worth one red cent there are still good brands that exist. Understand, the majority of the brands you’ll come across in Mexico are of subpar content and you really need to do some heavy research before you purchase from a single one. For most anabolic steroid users the safest bet will be to stay away from Mexican steroids; after all, when most of it is junk the odds of getting what you really want are hardly in your favor. This is a fact you readily need to understand; there’s nothing worse than buying dirty gear and getting an infection and there’s nothing as disappointing as buying low quality gear and not getting the desired effect you’re after. Mexican steroids, sure, they can still prove valuable but the days of undeniable ability to be so are long, long gone.