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Horse Steroids

A very commonly thrown around phrase in steroid circles is undoubtedly that of horse steroids. While this phrase holds less popularity than it once did it’s still used from time to time, however, quite often very inappropriately. Even so the term “horse steroids” does carry with it some strong validity but in most cases we can only say so with two distinct anabolic steroids in mind. While there are definitely more than two steroids that fit this bill two are of a common nature yet at times many more are inaccurately labeled so. Further, while some of these steroids are in-fact only intended for livestock others are not initially intended for that purpose; further, in many instances certain anabolics hold the label horse steroids due to a brand even though they are anything but.

Vet Steroids – Horse Steroids – UG Steroids:

When we speak of horse steroids we are more correctly referring to “Veterinary Steroids” or “Vet Grade.” This simply means one thing and if this is lost on you then please do the world a favor and don’t pick up a syringe; Vet grade simple refers to the steroid being intended for animal use, you know, as in a horse or cow. In some cases, depending on the steroid, its original purpose was in-fact for just that, a horse or a cow. However, many underground (UG) sources inappropriately label some of their products with the horse steroids label in a manner to entice. After all, Human Grade (HG) is always of the highest quality, Vet Grade is second and UG being last. It’s hard to scam most people with an HG label but slapping on an alluding Vet Grade sign is often an easy little trick to pull.

The King of Horse Steroids:

If there is one anabolic steroid we can aptly label king of horse steroids line it is that of Equipoise (EQ); in-fact, nothing else comes close. While this anabolic steroid has proven to be very useful by a many athletes its original intent was without question for the use in horses. While EQ may be king in-terms of the accuracy of a name and as powerful as it is it will not hold the distinction as being the most powerful of all; that belongs to another and it packs a punch indeed.

The Most Powerful Horse Steroids:

In the case of power there is only one; not only does this anabolic steroid pack more of a punch than all horse steroids combined it packs a punch more powerful than any anabolic androgenic steroid we can mention. In fact, we might go as far as to say that this is one of the most important steroids known to man; it has literally changed the game of many arenas and is often a reason for many peoples lean muscular physique. The steroid, none other than Trenbolone-Acetate but in the Veterinarian world it carries with it a different name. Originally called Finaplix, this 19-nor steroid has perhaps become as popular among athletes as it has farmers. Further, while it’s often thrown into the horse steroids family this is slightly off base; if we were to give it any slang name it should be “Cow Steroids.” This hormone in a pellet form is one of the primary tools among cattle farmers in an effort to “beef” up the herd; more weight and more size equals more money.

For most athletes, as desired as this hormone is, getting Fina pellets, turning them into a usable injectable source is not only something they’re unaware of how to do but it’s largely a giant pain. In any event, while this drug is not available in a human grade form you do have choices. If you are up for it and have the sense to mix your own from pure Fina pellets you’ll undoubtedly get a superior product. Otherwise you’re going to have to search out the underground market and if you know anything about that it can be a role of the dice.