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Each and every year the ability to buy anabolic steroids online has increased, despite law enforcements efforts it has never really slowed down in any way. Year after year at a rate that seems almost beyond belief steroid suppliers are busted but for each one that is several new ones appear to take their place; its almost like cutting a starfish in half; cut it a starfish in half and it doesnt die, it becomes two. The reason is simple; the demand for anabolic steroids is high, very high; a vast portion of the population understand the true benefits of such hormones and with the ease and convenience one can buy anabolic steroids online that demand keeps growing and growing.

While the demand to buy anabolic steroids online is high so is the desire to supply, as the startup if you will is very, very cheap and a very easy process to follow. Any individual can build a cheap website for a couple hundred bucks, post a list of products and mail them out once ordered. They never have to talk directly to a human being, the checks are simply in the mail so to speak and with millions upon millions who buy anabolic steroids online every single day these checks are huge!

While youd think it would be largely understood it is often not, you can legally obtain and purchase anabolic steroids with a prescription in hand, although it must be for a viable and reasonable medical purpose. However, performance enhancing is not deemed such a purpose; sure, if youre a woman and would like to have male genitals you can legally have all the steroids you want; some laws are simply weird. Even so, for the brunt of the population the desire is purely performance based and with a host of steroids available online millions opt to buy anabolic steroids online every single day and at less than half the rate of prescription based anabolics. For reason that make as much sense as saying time is perpendicular the media and anti-steroid groups enjoy downplaying this reality but with an estimated six-million U.S. adults supplementing with anabolic steroids for the purpose of performance enhancement without a prescription its a hard reality to ignore.

The truth is relatively simple yet twofold; if you buy anabolic steroids online there is no absolute security or guarantee in your purchase regarding being scammed or falling prey to arrest but of great importance and high interest is the reality and that is the ability to buy anabolic steroids online isnt going anywhere. No, there isnt a lot of money is being a gym dealer but the business of international steroid sales is huge and while this makes no sense to some it is because they are looking with their eyes closed. We live in a world where performance is rewarded, the greater the performance the greater the reward and this is how it should be; most will agree participation trophies are insulting at best and perhaps even damaging to the individuals mental state. Further, we live in a society where status has taken on a new meaning in many cases; we do not live in a society made up of Lords and nobility and while money and wealth can raise your societal value so can in many circles a well-toned and desirable physique. Everything in our culture points to this end; look at the celebrities who are praised, do any of them have average physiques, of course not. It is for these reasons, both performance and vanity individuals desire anabolic steroids and it is due to the convenience and fantastic rate you can get when you buy anabolic steroids online that it will never go anywhere. Make no mistake, if you buy anabolic steroids online you still have to work; a common pop-culture myth is that steroids are a shortcut yet the truth is they are there to allow you to work harder and achieve beyond your natural man. Sure, you can buy anabolic steroids online and sit on your butt eating burritos all day and guess what, not much will happen; those that understand steroids understand they are simply one of many tools and thankfully for them the internet has become their Home Depot.