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Roid Rage

Lets assume youre someone who has never used anabolic steroids, whats one of the first things you think of, whats one of the first things almost everyone in society thinks of when it comes to steroids? You guessed it, Roid Rage! Flip it around, youre an experienced anabolic steroid users, is the topic of roid rage even part of your thought process? Probably not and for good reason; although roid rage exist it is very rare and generally a problem very few anabolic steroid users ever experience.

For years a debate has raged on regarding roid rage and many so-called experts gave their opinion; keep in mind, opinion and fact are not the same; this seems to be a notion lost on many who discuss the topic. However, when the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) performed their study The Effects of Supraphysiologic Doses of Testosterone on Muscle Size and Strength in Normal Men the so-called experts were left with their heads between their legs. Even so, this study is rarely mentioned in the media; why, because it is a death blow to those who so badly desire roid rage to be an all-in-all factual side-effect for all anabolic steroid users. In their study the NEJM found no issues even closely resembling roid rage and mind you, this is one if not the most respected medical journals around the world. Would such a highly respectable journal put its reputation on the line if they were not absolutely certain of the results?

The truth of the matter is simple; in their study, the NEJM gave large doses of testosterone to healthy adult men; men who did not suffer from any mental problems, men who were not predisposed to violence or hostility. Now with the introduction of anabolic steroids into ones regiment there is a universally accepted truth, aggression is increased but aggression is not rage; what you do with increased aggression is solely your responsibility. Now give anabolic steroids to an individual who is predisposed to violent behavior, who is hostile by nature; give him anabolic steroids, drugs that increase aggression; if he punches you in the face for looking at him are you going to be surprised?

The long standing understanding among veteran anabolic steroid users is this; anabolic steroids, for lack of a better way to put it wake up the inner-self, they bring out the animal within. If youre an asshole beforehand, youll be a bigger asshole after the fact; pure and simple. If youre a sane individual your aggression will also increase but youre still the same sane, responsible and mentally stable individual; again, pure and simple. Anabolic steroids do not create a mind-altering effect; there isnt a roid rage switch in the brain waiting to be flipped.

The cold truth is simple; those who desire anabolic steroids to remain demonized need roid rage to be a certainty; if anything is the smoking gun it is roid rage. But as Dr. Norm Foss once said regarding the subject of anabolic steroids whats wrong with saying theres weapons of mass destruction? Show me the beef, show me some date. The cold truth is there is no data, there is no smoking gun pointing the dead finger at roid rage and as Dr. Foss implied its time for the medical community to openly recognize the truth and stand behind the facts instead of relying on the ingrained personal vendetta.