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Weight Loss Steroids

For the performance enhancer bulking has its place but just as important is the opposite end of the spectrum. For this reason many performance enhancers are often in search of the perfect weight loss steroids and the good news is most all of them can function in this way. The truth is simple, anabolic androgenic steroids promote a greater metabolic rate and for the most part all of them carry this trait. When we examine the various steroids we find most have one or two primary roles with many secondary characteristics with a few being of a more versatile nature. For example, the popular anabolic steroid Dianabol is primarily used as a bulking or mass agent but it does have properties that promote a higher metabolic rate. However, when it comes to the topic of weight loss steroids most are only interested in the anabolic hormones that have more of a direct effect on fat-burning and while very few anabolic androgenic steroids actually directly burn fat many do lend to this desired end quite dramatically.

The Best Weight Loss Steroids:

When it comes to cutting and weight loss steroids there are a few that we can confidently and aptly label as the best. While promoting a higher metabolic rate is of great importance there are a few key factors we want when we choose good weight loss steroids; such factors include:

  • Increases Metabolic Rate
  • Preserves Lean Tissue When Calories are Restricted
  • Promotes Recovery from Intense Training & Dieting
  • Reduces or Blocks Glucocorticoid Steroids (Muscle Wasting Hormones)
  • Directly Promotes and Effects Lipolysis in a Positive Fashion

When you look at most anabolic steroids you’ll find most all carry the majority of these traits plus many more but there are a few that do carry the above traits with a higher level of efficiency that can aid in losing unwanted body-fat. Without question the best weight loss steroids include:

Each and every steroid listed above can greatly promote a leaner physique and you may find it interesting to note that the two primary and most efficient weight loss steroids on this list are also two of the best bulking or off-season anabolic steroids. The two we are speaking of are Testosterone and Trenbolone as these are two of the most versatile anabolic androgenic steroids you will ever find.

Secondary Weight Loss Steroids:

While the first list we gave you is a listing of the absolute best weight loss steroids there are others that must be mentioned as well but more so in a secondary nature. These steroids promote a positive metabolic rate but are often largely used for other purposes if they are used during a cutting or weight loss period of cycling and stacking. Secondary weight loss steroids that can be a positive addition to a cutting cycle include:

Some of the steroids listed in this secondary class may surprise many especially that of Deca-Durabolin and Anadrol as both are such powerful bulking agents. Understand these steroids greatly promote positive metabolic activity as well as greatly preserve lean tissue but are generally primarily used during a cutting cycle for very specific visual effects; you will rarely find these secondary weight loss steroids used in a cutting cycle outside of competitive bodybuilding.

The Bottom Line:

In the end the truth is simple; almost any anabolic androgenic steroid can be used for the purpose of cutting and dropping body-fat. The key to losing unwanted fat is simply improving metabolic efficiency and a large part of this surrounds burning more calories than you consume on a daily basis. Of course long term calorie deficit dieting can burn lean tissue and this is a downside as lean tissue promotes a greater metabolism and this is often where anabolic steroids come in and play a very important and vital role to the dieting athlete. The key to preventing this catabolism of your muscle tissue is simple, adding in powerful anabolic promoting activity and in truth with this in mind most all anabolic steroids can easily be used as weight loss steroids.