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Cheap Steroids

An abscess, a fever, clinical acne, nausea, locked muscle tissue, all common side-effects of anabolic steroid use that stem from one cause; cheap steroids. Cheap steroids, the words do not make any sense; sure, you don’t want to be ripped off, no one wants to pay more than they have to but let’s be honest, we’re not talking about purchasing new pants. Let’s ask some simple questions; would you buy a car with no engine in it just because it was a good deal or better yet, would you buy a car with a bomb set to go off the moment you start it just because it’s a good deal? Of course not but day after day many individuals do exactly this when they purchase cheap steroids.

Cheap Steroids: Beware!

As is with every product there is a standard, there is a set price range and as with every product you can find good deals but there is a limit to how good this deal can truly be. As it pertains to anabolic steroids, the country in-which you live will greatly affect this end result; if you live in one of the many countries where anabolic steroids are legal to use without a prescription you’ll find the price to be very reasonable but if you live in a country such as the United States where anabolics are controlled substances you can generally throw the idea of cheap steroids out the window; especially if you desire to stay within the realm of the law.

Many and by many we can aptly say 6 million Americans per year use anabolic steroids and the majority do so illegally. Of these 6 million most will inevitably be suckered into buying cheap steroids completely oblivious to the door they have just opened. Most of these people will not see any sign of infection, they will not keel over, they will not have body parts fall off but many will share one common fate; the fate of nothing. Granted, it cannot be denied, some will find their way to infection due to dirty gear obtained but the most common negative side-effect of cheap steroids is no effect at all; that’s right, you were scammed, ripped off, made a fool; in the end you would have been better off buying a twenty pound jug of “Super-Beef Cake 5,000.”

Legal Cheap Steroids:

Again, where one lives will greatly affect the nature of this topic but in the United States legal cheap steroids are not easy to come by, in-fact it’s almost impossible with a slight exception. To obtain legal anabolic steroids in the United States you must have a prescription due to the substances being controlled via the 1990 Anabolic Steroid Control Act. To obtain this prescription there must be a legal medical purpose at hand and increasingly this legitimate medical purpose is expanding. You’ve seen the commercials for “Low-T” which refers to low testosterone; for the treatment of low testosterone there is only one cure, anabolic steroids, moreover, prescribed testosterone therapy. As we age our testosterone levels inevitably fall, this is an unavoidable fact of life but many men the world over have found a way to combat this unwelcomed side-effect of aging in the form of hormone replacement therapy. For most men, hormone replacement therapy will largely be built around a course of anabolic steroids but cheap steroids these are not. However, many are surprised to learn hormone replacement therapy is largely covered by many insurance plans making therapy all that more affordable and more importantly legal. Keep in mind, when we receive legal hormone replacement therapy the amounts/doses are not going to be of performance enhancing levels per say but to increase your testosterone levels back to normal levels you once enjoyed is without a doubt a performance enhancement.

The Dealer of Cheap Steroids:

Every gym has one and regardless of what he tells you a concern for your overall wellbeing is the least of his concerns. A snake in the grass; this is being kind but day after day many are sucked into his web of lies all in the name of cheap steroids and your new found “Friend” laughs his way all the way to the bank. True, many of these dealers are genuinely ignorant; they haven’t the slightest clue they’re selling garbage; they’re simply middle-men who have been sold the same set of lies. However, there are those who are completely aware of the scam they’re pulling and these men are the worst of all; it’s nothing short of stealing but what are you going to do, are you going to report your illegal activity to the better business bureau? Are you going to call a union rep and complain that the cheap steroids you bought are nothing short of cat urine in a bottle? Of course not but if you’ve found yourself in this situation hopefully you’ve learned your lesson without any serious consequences and you’ve put the idea of cheap steroids as far from your mind as possible; always stay within the realm of the law, talk with your doctor and understand, this isn’t a game to be taken lightly.