Steroid Information


Effects of Steroids

Turn on the TV or watch a movie or even hear the average person speak of anabolic steroids and if you didn’t know any better you’d simply assume there are just steroids. How many movies have portrayed the “evil” athlete supplementing with a big white bottle that simply says “Steroids” in red; countless. While anabolic steroids owe their allegiance to the hormone testosterone, an anabolic steroid in its own right there are truly numerous types of steroids and the effects of steroids can vary with each and every one. The effects of steroids can lend more to strength while others lend more to size; some are more apt for bulking, some for cutting but many are quite versatile and apt for both. Further and of equal importance, while many steroids have one primary function, say it is for increasing size it may in many cases carry with it secondary characteristics apt to other goals and desires.

The General Effects of Steroids

While all will find the above to be true, when it pertains to the effects of steroids there are certain characteristics that are quite common with most all types’ in-terms of their direct mode of action within the body. There are three distinct effects the majority of anabolic steroids carry:

  • Increased Nitrogen Retention in the Muscle(s)
  • Increased Protein Synthesis
  • Increased Red Blood Cell Count & Mass

By the nature of these three aspects of action one will find a host of benefits ranging from a larger and stronger physique to a leaner physique that displays more lean tissue than without. While these are the most common and pronounced effects of steroids there are others that are shared by many other forms as well, including:

  • Increased Nutrient Efficiency
  • Increased Lipolysis
  • Suppression & Reduction of Glucocorticoid Hormones (muscle wasting)
  • Increased Metabolic Efficiency

The question for most is what does this all translate to for them? In short it’s very simple; everything you’d want it to. While the degree of each effect will vary from anabolic to anabolic the seven effects listed are the most important ones and the ones worthy of our greatest admiration.

The Effects of Steroids vs. Drugs

It is true, most could care less about specifics; all they want to know is does the intended product work and will it produce and provide the intended desired results; take for instance cold medicine, if you have a cold you more than likely don’t care how it works as long as it does. While this may be the normal way of thinking when it comes to steroids, although they are classified as drugs they should not be viewed in the same light. Anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones derived from the very hormones your body already produces; your body does not produce Tylenol P.M. When you understand this and can separate the manner of thinking that views them as drugs then you can begin to truly understand the effects of steroids and how best to utilize the effects to your advantage.

The Myths of the Effects of Steroids

As is with all things in life and anabolic steroids make no exception myths and often claims of an outright ridiculous nature exist; however, as it pertains to the effects of steroids this ridiculous nature is often far more pronounced. While there are many such myths some are more well-known than others and used daily by those of a strong anti-anabolic steroid way of thinking; they include but are in no way limited to:

  • Steroids & Death
  • Violent and Irrational Behavior
  • Irreversible Genital Damage
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Physical Addiction

While these are some serious effects each and every one time and time again has proven to be false yet for reasons that make very little sense, in-spite of proof those who are emotionally attached to seeing steroids wiped off the face of the earth cling to them like leaches. While we will not go into detail on each and every issue listed, you can easily find these in other articles we have available we will touch on them briefly here.

-          Death: There has never been a death directly linked to anabolic steroid use

-          Roid Rage: While steroids can increase aggression they do not alter ones personality or take away their ability to make rational choices or lose control of behavior; see the New England Journal of Medicine and Supraphysiological doses of Testosterone

-          Genitalia: The effects of steroids will cause testicle shrinkage during use as testosterone production is suppressed but they will return to normal size once use is discontinued; anabolic steroids have no effect on the penis

-          Chemical Dependency: By way of the AMA and FDA during the hearings set forth by the Steroid Control Act of 1990, there is no evidence to support any form of chemical dependency through the use of anabolic steroids

-          Addiction: By way of the AMA and FDA during the hearings set forth by the Steroid Control Act of 1990 and the New England Journal of Medicine there is no evidence to support any form of addiction through the use of anabolic steroids

The End Game

The effects of steroids are nothing short of amazing; however, they are very powerful hormones that demand respect and should only be used by the educated individual. In truth it is not rocket science but when you don’t know you simply don’t know but if you have the ability to read and form rational thoughts then you have the ability to supplement with anabolic steroids in both a safe and effective way. Keep in mind, when you’re searching for the truth do so with an open mind, clear your mind from an emotional state and let the facts speak for themselves, whatever they may be, good or bad just as you would with any other topic that may ever present itself.