Steroid Information


Clen is a popular sympathomimetic amine largely used as a bronchodilator in those who suffer from breathing disorders. Officially known as Clenbuterol Hydrochloride, along with being a great medication for the treatment of breathing conditions Clen is also a fantastic fat-burner and is primarily used for this purpose in performance enhancing circles. In many ways Clen is somewhat similar to Ephedrine but as it stands it exist in a class all its own. Put simply Clen causes you to burn more fat than you would otherwise; granted, theres a little more to it than that and well explain as we go but there is an important factor that must be noted. If you supplement with Clen and do nothing else you shouldnt expect to lose a lot of body-fat. The idea is not to provide your body with a magical solution, youll still need to diet and exercise properly; the idea is to simply allow your body to burn fat at a higher rate when dieting than it would otherwise. This may sound simple and in all honestly it is that simple.

Clen: The Basic Mode of Action:

By its nature Clen stimulates the Best-2 receptors thereby increasing total metabolic activity within the body. As the Beta-2 receptors are stimulated the mitochondria of the cells release more heat; as more heat is released the bodys core temperature increases as well. As our core temperature increases this stimulates a higher level of metabolic activity thereby promoting fat-loss as stored body-fat is now utilized to a greater degree. Put simply, the fat you carry is now used for energy at a more efficient rate. Again, we know this sounds very simplistic but thats because the process is truly that simple.

How to Supplement with Clen:

There are many schools of thought revolving around Clen supplementation and while there are indeed many there is one that is the absolute best. A common school of thought revolving around this Beta-2 stimulator is that the body adapts in only a couple of weeks and at this point fat-burning will slow down. Largely this idea is built around the direct stimulating effect your body feels; often those who supplement with Clen feel very jittery when use first begins; as there body adapts the jittery feeling goes away. Lets be very clear, just because youre no longer feeling jittery does not mean the clen isnt working, it simply means your body has become accustomed to the medications presence but your metabolism is still firing at a far more rapid rate. At the same time the body will adapt to this hormone but continuous use once use begins is best and well explain.

To maximize our Clen use we want to supplement the entire time from the starting time of use. Starting with a low dose we can readily burn fat and as the body adapts we only need to increase the dose slightly to keep the body from becoming too accustomed. A simple increase of 20mcg every 2-3 weeks as needed will normally suffice. If you follow this protocol and assuming youre dieting properly and your product is real, you will burn the maximum amount of fat possible. If youre not burning fat at a high rate than something is wrong with your diet or Clen.

Adverse Effects:

Like all things in life Clen is not without problems. As a stimulant, as mentioned many people will feel very jittery when this Beta-2 stimulator is used; while you may indeed adapt to this feeling it may occur again each time you increase the dose. Further, by its stimulating nature Clen can negatively affect your sleep; its not uncommon for some to suffer from bouts of insomnia to a degree. Due to its stimulating nature, if you supplement you are encouraged to take the mediation early on in the day. Clen can also cause muscle cramps and sometimes severe in nature; normally though a little extra water will take care of the problem.

While the above side-effects are annoying there is one possible side-effect that is far more serious in nature; cardiac hypertrophy. If you supplement responsibly you will not need to give this side-effect a second thought but if you get ridiculous with your dosing and supplement for far too long you may find you develop a problem. Moderation is the key, as it is with most all things in life. Remember, if you drink too much water youll drown; this doesnt make water bad but if you take too much Clen you may have a problem but this doesnt make Clen bad. Generally speaking if you start with a low dose, say 40mcg per day and increase in small increments, say 20mcg per increase every 2-3 weeks, never surpass the 120mcg-140mcg range and never surpass 16 weeks of total use per year, you will in almost all cases be 100% fine.

While cramps and jitters are annoying they are not seriously problematic but Clen carries with it other side-effects as well, most notably possible cardiac hypertrophy. While this is a concern it is one that is very dose dependent and those who supplement responsibly will not find such a concern to be a reality. Responsible use will not only revolve around dose but duration of use as well; Clen should never be used in a year round fashion and generally speaking 4 months of total use per year is about as far as we want to take it in order to remain safe and healthy.