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For the potential anabolic steroid user often message boards are a common place to find a beginning for steroid facts and many times quality information can be found. Even as a veteran such message boards can be very useful tools for perfecting supplementation, learning new tricks and hearing the stories of both successes and failures often proves to be invaluable. However, one should always tread lightly on such message boards, as anyone is allowed to post and state an opinion and when it comes to the steroid facts it is very easy for opinion to be deemed gospel truth.

If you’ve never visited steroid based message boards go through some of the more popular ones; while you’ll find many things are consistent with each when it comes to the basic steroid facts many times there can be large discrepancies. Needless to say they cannot all be right; if you visit four or five boards in search of true steroid facts and each carries a different answer to your question(s) something somewhere is amiss. While one of the message boards may indeed be right on point, there are quality venues of acquiring knowledge, make no mistake about it, however, it is very possible that they are all wrong.

As you may have already guessed discovering the true steroid facts can at times be no easy task; sure, there are some facts that are a given. There are general steroid facts accepted by all but when it comes to answering specific questions regarding dosing, duration, side-effects, stacks, cycles and everything in-between the so-called “facts” are often more opinion based and steeped deep in emotion more than anything else. So where do you go, how do you obtain the true steroid facts you need and desire? You can’t base your knowledge one what you hear in the news; after all, all you’ll hear there is steroids are bad with very little data to back any claim. You cannot go to government based health websites as they are no different than the media outlets; well, sure, you can go there but we’re in search of truth not emotional hysteria. There is not a class you can take at your local university called “Steroids 101” you cannot take pharmacology classes and expect to learn all the ins and outs of steroid use as they do not teach it or talk about it beyond simple compound structure. The question remains; when it comes to the steroid facts what can you do?

Most who are in search of the truth will soon understand one very simple thing; personal education is going to be your only saving grace; you must educate yourself completely as reliance on others for help pales in comparison. No, you do not need to set up a lab and perform test yourself, you do not have to turn yourself into a guinea pig; although it is true, as one who supplements with anabolic steroids trial and error will be a useful tool.

It stands as truth, personal education, being self-educated will be your greatest tool of all in finding all the steroid facts. There are many actual and factual based studies that have been done on anabolic steroid use; studies completed and reported with data and not an emotional based response. You will have to do some digging to find them; as though they do exist they are not as common as penile enlargement studies and other things of a similar ridiculous nature. Nevertheless, regardless of who you are and you may be of the anti-steroid crowd with preset determined opinions but if you delve into finding the true steroid facts, willing to accept the truth no matter what it is one thing is for certain; you will be very surprised as to what you find.