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Fat Loss Steroids

One of the biggest concerns of all for many performance enhancing athletes revolves around one question and the never ending search for the best fat loss steroids of all. It is something many spend enormous amounts of time on, trying to discover that perfect match but let’s understand a clear truth; almost all anabolic androgenic steroids can be labeled fat loss steroids to a degree and many to a high degree. The truth is relatively simple; the concept of bulking and cutting steroids, although some serve one purpose primarily, most all steroids can adequately serve either purpose to a degree, thereby we can conclude that almost all steroids can in-fact be used as fat loss steroids. However, there is one hormone commonly thrown into this class that is actually not a steroid at all; in truth there are many but one of particular interest. While this case of mistaken identity is not the worst thing in the world, if you desire to truly know what you’re doing, what you’re putting into your body and how best to use it, it’s nice to have a clear understanding and we recommend you educate yourself on the specifics of all performance enhancing drugs you desire to use.

Fat Loss Steroids 101:

As mentioned, almost all anabolic androgenic steroids can be classified as fat loss steroids and the reasons are somewhat simple; let’s examine in a manner even the simplest of us of all can understand:

  • Ananbolic Androgenic Steroids can increase lean tissue (Muscle Mass.)
  • The more Lean Tissue we possess the more calories we burn
  • The more calories we burn the less fat we possess
  • With this increase in Lean Tissue and higher caloric expenditure, we have further changed our Lean Tissue versus Body Fat displacement/ratios

Almost any anabolic steroid can achieve the above but yes it can get better and when speaking of a more primary fat burning role there are fat loss steroids of this nature. There are anabolic androgenic steroids that can in-fact directly reduce body fat; most notably Trenbolone and Stanozolol. While both of these steroids can achieve the same outline as above, both have been shown to have a more direct impact on actual fat cells or stored body fat in a reduction capacity. While both are suited for this purpose it is not their primary purpose by any means but Trenbolone will prove to carry this purpose with a little more authority than Stanozolol.

There are other anabolic androgenic steroids that possess some of the same traits in-terms of body fat reduction as the two listed above. While all of these steroids serve other primary purposes, if you are looking for the best fat loss steroids for any cycle they would include in no particular order:

Bulking Fat Loss Steroids:

It is a bit of a contradiction in words “Bulking Fat Loss Steroids” but the truth remains, you can successfully use many anabolic androgenic steroids commonly associated with bulking or off-season cycles and lose fat. Steroids such as Dianabol and Anadrol are prime examples. Undoubtedly both Dianabol and Anadrol serve the primary purpose of building massive amounts of muscle and strength but if we apply the list above and do so in a calorie restricted diet we have lost body fat, we have lost body fat and held onto more muscle tissue than we would have otherwise.

HGH & Testosterone:

As it pertains to fat loss steroids and almost any topic regarding performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) you will find these two hormones to be atop the list of most all discussions. Let’s be brief and concise; HGH or Human Growth Hormone is not a steroid of any form, it is a peptide hormone and belongs to a class of its own. While one of the best PED’s for body fat reduction it is not applicable to this discussion of fat loss steroids since it is not a steroid. Testosterone however, that is another story; there is no anabolic androgenic steroid on earth quite as remarkable as testosterone. While some steroids may indeed be more potent in varying degrees, on the whole and in an all-around manner Testosterone is the most effective and efficient. The question remains, how does it stack up in the fat burning category and the answer is simple; perfectly. While excess levels will not burn fat cells in the most direct sense, increased testosterone levels allow us to accomplish the previous listed function in the best manner possible.