Steroid Information


There’s no doubt about it, in the performance enhancing world if you’re looking for one item that will by-in-large produce the most long lasting permanent effects it is without question Somatropin. While Somatropin is truly an amazing hormone there is also another piece of truth that is often ignored; while alone it is truly fantastic the synergy created between anabolic steroids and Somatropin is truly remarkable and when joined together you truly have an unstoppable force.

As Somatropin is very efficiently effective unfortunately as its demand is so high, perhaps the highest of all performance enhancing drugs it is the most commonly counterfeited; so much so that there is more fake Somatropin on the market than real. This is beyond unfortunate, as Somatropin is very expensive to begin with; while no one enjoys paying high prices for anything when you’re buying an item that is fake all the while paying a large price the sting to your pocket book is all the more painful. For this reason it is imperative you know with absolute certainty the quality of your source and to begin you should be sticking with true and trusted lines of Somatropin. Granted, the lines of black market generic brands will in most cases be far cheaper and some of them will actually be of fairly decent nature in-terms of quality but most will not and often the quality of one generic brand can vary each and every time. Stick with brands such as Humatrope, Saizen, Serostim and Nutropin to name a few and you will largely eliminate the concern of wasting your money on garbage. We say “largely” because even these brands can be counterfeited but it is far less than the generic brands.

Once you have your Somatropin the next order of business is how best to use it. Unlike many hormonal compounds that may reap a reward fairly quickly Somatropin will take time to show beneficial effects and must necessarily be applied for far extended periods of time. As it couples fabulously with anabolic steroids of all kinds the primary use will be during an anabolic steroid cycle for most individuals. However, continuation past the cycle will see much of the gains made while on cycle solidified in a more permanent way than if no Somatropin were used.

Most all will find that Somatropin use less than 16 weeks to be a complete waste of time and money; therefore 16 weeks will in-fact be our minimal duration if true benefits are to be rewarded. While 16 weeks is the minimum most all will find far extended use to be far more beneficial. Somatropin use that extends to 6-8 months will by far be the most optimal route; however, one can safely and effectively run it for as long as they want. Somatropin is without question the most side-effect friendly hormonal compound on the market for both men and women, as they are for all intense purposes non-existent when the hormone is used responsibly.

Regardless of your purpose, regardless of your end goal(s) the use of Somatropin will for many be the determining factor as to whether or not this end is met. While genetics play a massive role within the individual if there were ever a hormone that improves existing genetics you have undoubtedly found one here; in truth, you have found the only one and for that reason alone it truly makes Somatropin the most amazing hormone of all.