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Designer Steroids

Designer steroids, it has a nice ring to it. Put the word “Designer” in front of any product and you instantly create a high level of appeal. Designer clothes, designer bags, designer whatever and you automatically have a product people want. In the supplement world, walk into your local shop and you find many supplements that speak of designer qualities; you’ll even find many that claim to be designer steroids and legally of course. This is where things can begin to get a little murky, because as you know, while there are some very good supplements out there the vast majority are nothing short of pure crap.

What are Designer Steroids?

When we look at designer steroids or rather how they are portrayed, we can largely break them down into two categories; pro-hormones and true designer steroids. Many pro-hormones often call themselves designer steroids and in some ways this is true. Pro-hormones are technically not anabolic steroids but rather similar substances that when ingested create an enzyme reaction that causes a steroidal effect. Then we have true blue designer steroids. These are pure steroidal substances that allow the athlete to supplement without failing a steroid test. The most famous of such designer steroids is that of THG, created by Patrick Arnold and supplied by the late infamous BALCO.

Quasi Designer Steroids

In some ways, we could call pro-hormones quasi designer steroids, but for our purposes here we are referring to something else. As you understand, anabolic steroid is an extremely general term that describes an entire class of hormones. There are literally hundreds of various anabolic steroids, and each one carries some level of uniqueness. Of course, you have your basics, single ester testosterones, orals such as Dianabol and Anadrol and of course things like good old Deca-Durabolin, Equipoise and so on. Then we have another class of steroids, compounds that are a little more exotic or were at least at one time. When it first came to be this is how many saw Trenbolone- Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate; you know it as Parabolan. In some ways this fits, and in some ways we could even put steroids like Primobolan and Masteron in this category, and many often do, but it’s a bit inaccurate.

When it comes to actual steroids, those not of the same class as THG, we’re talking about blends; these can in many ways be labeled as designer steroids. Blends that contain both testosterone and Trenbolone or even certain testosterone mixtures such as Omnadren or Testoviron (not to be confused with Testoviron Depot) could be placed into this category. However, it really just depends on how technical you want to get, but many suppliers will label such items as designer steroids, and you better believe you’re going to pay for that label.

The Important Question

There is truly only one question that needs to be asked; are designer steroids better than regular steroids, and the answer is no. When it comes to the purpose of anabolic steroid use, nothing on this earth will ever beat or replace the tried and true basics. They are the most effective, they are all most will ever need, making designer steroids truly in most cases an unnecessary label. Of course, our words will largely fall on deaf ears, as it has been proven, adding key words to any item you want to sell will in most cases allow you to charge more, and in the case of anabolic steroids, those adding this label will get what they’re asking each and every time.