Steroid Information

Coming off Anabolic Steroids

People can be very hesitant to consult a physician or family doctor when needing to or wanting to discuss details about anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS). Although AAS are illegal, because of doctor patient confidentially, it shouldn’t be as daunting to discuss steroids or how to stop using them. Understand, the biggest mistake a person can make when they decide to stop using steroids is to just stop taking them altogether. Steroids are powerful hormonal drugs in which the body has to be weaned off of properly. Simply discontinuing steroid usage can cause just as many problems as using them. Talk to a medical professional about the discontinued use of a steroid cycle, it’s the first hurdle on the road to recovery.

The "bridge" is a term used to describe the gap in time from when AAS are eliminated from your system to when the body can again start the production of natural testosterone. During this time, there is a shift in the hormonal balance between estrogen and testosterone. This can cause testosterone levels to be very low until the body can start producing it’s on testosterone again. By using prescribed medications, it can make this transition for the body more manageable. It can eliminate or significantly reduce the timeframe as well as minimizing any potential serious side effects. A physician can request blood tests to determine the proper dose of medicine to be taken and determine if there is any internal damage. The doctor will recommend an effective course of action after they have thoroughly evaluated your condition.

When consulting a physician or family doctor about discontinuing the use of steroids, make sure you have gathered all of the necessary information regarding your steroid cycles. It is important to be open and honest regarding your steroid history so the medical professional can clearly every aspect of what should be done. Include all the drugs taken (steroids and ancillaries), the length of usage, your dosages & scheduling habits, and any experienced physical & mental side effects. Remember, AAS can be sold under many different types of names, in several countries, and on the black market, so make a thorough list of all products taken and possibly the purchased containers.

Lastly, make sure when you do decide to stop all AAS activity that you don’t stop physically working out. This is a very common mistake and physical activity helps to keep endorphins high, staves off depression, helps to maintain healthy cardiovascular system, and plays a very important role in your general health. Continue to eat a balanced diet with lots of water. Follow all your physician’s instructions with your dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

The potential for addiction to AAS is very real and similar to mind altering drugs. Any mental and emotional complications should not be confronted alone. Your doctor should be able to recommend counseling by someone qualified to assist with any questions or mental concerns you have. This is the last and final step necessary to ending steroid activity.