Steroid Information

Buy Propionate

Propionate is an ester with a short half life (only four and a half days); it is attached with the testosterone to form testosterone propionate steroid.

How it Works

Testosterone propionate has equal anabolic as well as androgenic properties. Body builders and athletes buy propionate because it gives remarkable muscle mass gains. The muscle build up is due to protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Both protein and nitrogen are the building blocks of muscles. The greater the amount of nitrogen retained in the muscles, the greater will be the protein stored in the muscles. This causes the muscles to grow in size. This steroid also prevents protein catabolism a condition in which the proteins in the muscles break down and are used as fuel. Athletes and body builders also buy propionate because it gives impressive energy levels required for the rigorous training a sports person has to go through. Often a person suffers from injuries during training and experiences a spell of fatigue after these intense exercises but with testosterone propionate, the endurance level of the body increases giving the user increased vigor. By promoting the activity of the satellite cells, this steroid also reduces the recovery time the body requires and accelerates the healing process.

Those who need to gain muscles but also want to remove the excess fat from their bodies should buy propionate as it has the property to bind to the androgen receptors; this triggers the androgen mechanism through which the body loses excess fat but gains muscle mass.

Side Effects of Propionate

Water retention is a common side effect of many steroids; water retention robs the muscles of the well defined ripped look making them look puffy instead. Body builders and power lifters buy propionate because it has an advantage over other steroids as it does not cause excess water retention. However you can keep water retention under control if you stick to the recommended dosage. Users who take this steroid for too long have complained of several side effects. Water retention gets out of hand with the prolong use of propionate. Water retention not only causes the muscles to bloat up but also adds weight to the body placing the user in a higher weight category.

As it readily converts to DHT (dihydrotestosterones), male pattern baldness in which the hairline recedes is seen in me. Women get alopecia or bald patches and hair fall. Those men who have male pattern baldness in the family should avoid taking this steroid. Acne is another problem which occurs with DHT conversion. Acne appears all over the chest, shoulders, arms, back, face and neck because this steroid triggers off the glands which produce sebum an oily film. In mild cases, the skin of the user looks oily but in extreme cases, acne breaks out.

Another thing which you must keep in mind when you buy propionate is that the short half life of this drug means that it needs to be injected quite frequently which can be irritating and painful. The recommended dosage of propionate for men is 250-500mg per week but it is better if the user sticks to 400 mg per week. In this way he will have the benefits of propionate without its ugly side effects.

Propionate is an excellent steroid which gives exceptional results in terms of strength and size gains and that too in a shorter span of time. It builds muscles and helps the body to maintain them as well. It removes the fat deposition from the body and generates a good healthy feeling in the user. When you buy propionate for bodybuilding purposes, bear in mind that its excess can do more harm than good.