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Testosterone Suspension


If you’re looking for a pure testosterone you will not find one more so than Testosterone-Suspension as it is the only ester free testosterone available, meaning the entire mass of the compound is 100% testosterone. While this is the only form of testosterone that can boast a 100% per milligram rating this is not its only distinguishable difference. Testosterone-Suspension is an aqueous solution, meaning it is suspended in water, whereas all other testosterone forms are suspended in oil. Due to the nature of this compounds existence injections of Testosterone-Suspension can be rather painful, for some so painful that use is impossible and it is because of this the strong majority will never use this testosterone; however, there are other factors that may keep you away as well. The majority of Testosterone-Suspension users will be long standing anabolic steroid users and generally of a performance enhancing nature as it does not provide a distinct advantage in the treatment of low testosterone or for most average gym rats. Even so, Testosterone-Suspension remains the most powerful of all testosterone forms; no, the hormone itself is not altered but by way of its existence it packs a little more punch.

Testosterone-Suspension 101:

Testosterone-Suspension as stated is pure testosterone free from any ester. Other more popular testosterone forms are pure testosterone too but as they have an ester attached the milligram for milligram potency will be a little lower with each and every one. For example, Testosterone-Propionate will yield an 80% ranking, meaning, for every 100mg of Testosterone-Propionate 80% will be actual testosterone with the remaining 20% being the Propionate ester. The larger ester forms will further produce a lower ranking as the larger the ester the more mass it will take up in the compound. For example, one of the more common testosterone forms, Testosterone-Cypionate is a very large ester based testosterone and as such for every 100mg 70mg will be usable testosterone with the remainder being the Cypionate ester.

As Testosterone-Suspension has no ester attached the total mass of the compound is testosterone; however, as there is no ester attached there is also no half-life in the traditional sense; as you recall the ester attached largely determines the half-life of the compound as well as its initial activity. As an ester free anabolic steroid Testosterone-Suspension will become active almost instantly post administration but its total active duration in the body will be very short lived requiring the individual to administer the hormone very frequently. At minimum Testosterone-Suspension must be injected on a daily basis but for optimal results and to maintain stable and peaked testosterone levels 2-3 injections of an equal dose each day will prove to be far more efficient.

Beyond its ester free nature, as Testosterone-Suspension is simply testosterone it will function once in the body the same as any other form; simply at a faster initial rate but for a much shorter period of time. Testosterone is a hormone responsible for a host of functions in the body and is essential to both men and women. This hormone plays a key role regarding growth and sexual function, as well as the preservation of tissue and even affects our mental state as well as immune system. Individuals who are found lacking in testosterone can have many problems including a loss of muscle tissue and strength, loss of libido and sexual function, increases in body-fat, the inability to lose body-fat, depression, lethargy, lack of mental focus and even a weakened immune system; you bet, testosterone is a very important hormone.

When testosterone levels are adequate we thrive in every area for which it is responsible and when they are above levels of natural production we thrive even more. This is largely the point of performance enhancement, to enhance the functions and attributes for which the hormone is responsible. While there can be many reasons for doing this, many individual goals, when we break it down into its simplest terms this factor is its basic skin and bones.

Like all testosterone forms Testosterone-Suspension greatly and dramatically increases nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, it increases red blood cell count and structure, improves metabolic function, blocks muscle wasting hormones from existing, all factors that can lead to a better individual. Testosterone also plays a key role regarding other hormones of the body, most notably IGF-1 and HGH. The more testosterone we possess the greater our IGF-1 output will be and the more IGF-1 we release the greater our HGH output will be. IGF-1 and HGH are two very powerful anabolic hormones and together they play important roles regarding every aspect of human life.

The Benefits of Testosterone-Suspension:

For gaining mass, increasing strength or simply building a more appealing physique Testosterone-Suspension can provide each and every trait and as it will generally be for performance enhancing purposes this is really all we are concerned with here. As the identical traits can be found in any testosterone form the difference here is in the rapid nature in-which they can be obtained but there is a downside to such rapid activity as this testosterone form will aromatize greatly and is often accompanied by massive amounts of water retention; for this reason many athletes will only use it when trying to grow. Make no mistake, this does not mean Testosterone-Suspension cannot be used when dieting, in-fact it’s not all that uncommon among competitive bodybuilders. Testosterone-Suspension is one of the very few anabolic steroids that have been linked to a degree to direct site-enhancement, meaning the area injected appears larger. While the effect may be short lived some individuals will use it for this purpose, we however do not recommend it for you may end up with an inflamed look that simply isn’t pretty.

Testosterone-Suspension also holds one very special benefit for the performance enhancer and in this case we are referring to tested athletes. Testosterone-Suspension is actually quite common among many tested athletes for as an ester free steroid its detection time is very short; if this hormone is administered the individual will pass any steroid test given to him a mere two days later. For example, inject Testosterone-Suspension on Monday, assuming no other anabolic steroids are at play and you could pass a test by Thursday and by Friday with almost certainty.

The Side-Effects of Testosterone-Suspension:

The side-effects of Testosterone-Suspension will largely be the same as all testosterone forms, with the exception of a potential painful injection. Common side-effects through use may include Gynecomastia, water retention, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues and generally such affects are brought on by the aromatase process. When testosterone is present it converts to estrogen via the aromatase enzyme and as estrogen buildup increases such related side-effects may become pronounced. While this is true with all testosterone forms it can be even more so here as the level of aromatase is much higher with Testosterone-Suspension than any testosterone form. There is no way to predict if you will fall prey to these side-effects, it is largely individualistic but precaution can be taken and often an aromatase inhibitor (AI) will be your best course of action. An AI, is evident by the name itself inhibits the aromatase process, thereby preventing the conversion into estrogen; what doesn’t convert will not exist and what does not exist cannot cause a problem.

It is often ignored but it can play a very important role and we are talking about a person’s diet. Many individuals who have water issues often blame a particular anabolic steroid and while there is a chance this could be the problem, when examining testosterone we should remember this is a naturally produced hormone the body is very accustomed to. With that in mind we have found that many times the hormone is not the problem at all, the individual is more often than not simply eating too much and many times it’s simply too many carbohydrates. Inevitably they hold water; they bloat and blame it on the hormone when if they just pushed back the plate they’d probably be fine. Further, regarding issues such as blood pressure and cholesterol, most will find if dosing is responsible these will not be an issue. Further, by ensuring our diet is rich in omega fatty acids we can greatly improve our overall cholesterol and be problem free.

Dealing with the Pain:

Testosterone-Suspension can be very painful and much of this pain derives from it being suspended in water rather than oil. Even so, some will be able to tolerate such pain to a much greater degree, while it will bring others to their knees; like so many things it’s impossible to predict. There is however things we can do to ease the pain of this injection and most common is mixing your Testosterone-Suspension in the same syringe as other oil base steroids you may be using. Yes, you can absolutely mix water and oil base steroids, they are all going to the same place and your body will not reject them because they entered from the same location. The idea that they cannot be mixed is simply an urban legend. Many also find that mixing their Testosterone-Suspension with injectable B-12 to be very efficient but in the end you can decide for yourself which method you prefer.

We must also mention sterility, for this is an important factor and as a water based steroid we do not recommend ever purchasing from an underground lab. We do not recommend an underground lab purchase to begin with but with a water based steroid this can be an even more important issue. As Testosterone-Suspension is suspended in water it is very easy for bacteria to survive in the compound and if it was not manufactured in an absolute sterile environment this can cause more pain and even lead to a very painful infection.

Testosterone-Suspension Cycles & Doses:

As this is a very painful testosterone to use most will only supplement with Testosterone-Suspension for short periods of time; generally 4-8 weeks is a standard time frame with 8 weeks being as long as anyone is really ever going to want to go. It is simply much easier and far more convenient to use other testosterone forms and simple Suspension as it is commonly known is best served for more specific use or bursts.
The vast majority of Testosterone-Suspension users will generally use Suspension in conjunction with an ester based testosterone and only add in Suspension as a means of providing a bursting effect to bust through a plateau or provide a needed short term edge. Most will find dosing to be very effective in the 50mg-100mg per day range. Yes, you can use more but the risk to reward ratio with this testosterone form is far greater than most others due to the immense aromatizing affect it possesses and caution and responsibility should be adhered to.