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Buy Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone or HGH as it is commonly called is a hormone which is secreted by the pituitary glands present in the body. As the name suggests this hormone is responsible for the overall growth of the human body. This hormone is most active during the adolescent years as these are the years when most of the growth takes place. HGH promotes growth in height, the development of organs and plays a vital role in cell reproduction and repairing. As a person grows older the production of the HGH decreases in the body and the body only produces this hormone sufficient for protein synthesis and fat loss. The synthetic HGH was produced primarily to meet the deficiencies in the body. A lower level of HGH in the human body can lead to dwarfism; there are other diseases which occur due to low levels of HGH. In the world of sports, HGH is widely used. Men and women buy human growth hormone because of the amazing benefits it offers.

How it Works

HGH is not a steroid but it has anabolic properties; the most pronounced benefit of HGH is that it causes the muscles to grow in size. However where anabolic steroids only cause enlargement of muscles; HGH increases the number of muscle cells. It reproduces and develops cells and that is why athletes and body builders buy human growth hormone to make their muscles better. The HGH stimulates protein synthesis in the user; an important muscle building process. Besides cells formation and development, the human growth hormone was also found to be highly effective agent for enhancing performance. Power lifters, athletes and body builders also buy human growth hormone because it elevates the energy levels of the body. It gives the user increased stamina for intense training and also increases the endurance level of the body so that they can train for a longer period of time without getting exhausted quickly. It reduces the fatigue factor as well and by increasing the activity of the satellite cells it quickens the pace at which the body heals itself from the injuries caused to the muscles and tendons during training. The biggest reason athletes and body builders buy human growth hormone is that the muscle gains obtained from it are permanent; you can retain them even after you discontinue the use of this steroid.

The fact that HGH makes tendons, cartilages and connective tissues stronger is yet another reason why users buy human growth hormone. Fat burning is also a characteristic of this steroid which has made it so popular. Leisure users who want to build impressive muscles and want to shed the layers of fat buy human growth hormone.

Important Facts about HGH

This steroid cannot be detected in urine tests and that is why athletes and sports person buy human growth hormone. However like other steroids, HGH is also banned by the sports bodies.

It has many uses in the field of medicine. It is used as an anti aging drug because of its rejuvenating abilities. Those who want to look and feel younger often buy human growth hormone. It is a good weight loss agent and gives the user a lean body. It produces elasticity in the skin making it look younger. Doctors recommend HGH to those patients who suffer from memory loss. This steroid also improves the bone density.

Although it is stated to be relatively harmful, HGH does have some side effects. Swelling, joint and muscular pain and an increase in the blood glucose level are some common side effects of this drug.

In order to get the best results, athletes and body builders use it with other anabolic steroids. Typically it is taken for six weeks but some professionals take it for a year.