Steroid Information


Many individuals suffer from low-testosterone; as we age our testosterone levels rapidly decline. In some cases these levels decline even more rapidly than what is considered Medically Acceptable and therapy is needed. There are several options for treatment of low-testosterone and Androgel has rapidly become one of the most popular.

Androgel has not risen in popularity because of its superiority over other types of testosterone medication but largely due to its convenience. Almost all medications used to treat low-testosterone must be injected, however Androgel is a topical solution that only needs to be rubbed into the skin and allowed to absorb into the body. There is however an inconvenience factor that exist; with injectable testosterone used to treat low-testosterone, injections are typically administered every ten (10) to fourteen (14) days but Androgel must be administered every single day in order to reap benefits as well as maintain proper testosterone levels.

Determining if Androgel is right for you

Many men notice as they age it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy body weight, muscle tissue and mass decline, body-fat increases and energy levels decline. Theres no doubt these symptoms mentioned can largely be improved by diet and exercise but studies have shown a larger problem is often a decline in natural testosterone levels. Beyond the symptoms listed, another prominent symptom and a quite unwelcomed one is lower than normal to even non-existent sex drive. If you suffer from any of these symptoms there is a good chance your natural testosterone levels are low and Androgelmay indeed remedy this problem. However this will only be determined by your doctor through a series of test and if testing shows a low level of testosterone theres a good chance a prescription of Androgelwill be in your future.

Androgel is an Anabolic Steroid

As most understand, anabolic steroids have a bad reputation but unknown by most who use Androgel they are surprised to know theyre actually using anabolic steroids. Granted, when you use Androgel the actual amount used will be far less than whats typically used in the performance enhancing world. For example; most who use exogenous testosterone for performance enhancing purposes will at minimum inject approximately 500mg per week. Contrary, Androgel which is also a testosterone medication is given in far higher doses but absorbed in a far lower concentration. Common Androgel doses generally range in the 5g to 10g range; this is five to ten times the amount of testosterone used by performance enhancers at the lowest level. However, with the use of Androgel only ten percent of the drug is absorbed in a usable fashion; the rest of the medication is simply wasted.

The Bottom Line

Theres no doubt about it, if you suffer from low-testosterone Androgel therapy will greatly improve your life and overall well-being; but understand the benefits are not going to be comparable to the use of other common anabolic steroids; including injectable testosterone. This is not mentioned to discourage you from use but to proper place this medication. Many who desire a performance enhancing boost are scared of injections yet desire to use testosterone; Androgel will not provide you with this benefit you seek in this case. Androgel serves one purpose, as a treatment in males who suffer from low-testosterone and wish to have their levels restored; thats the bottom line.