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Pictures of Steroids

Pictures of steroids; on every message board across the net you’ll find guys’ asking for pictures of steroids so they can compare what they have to hopefully ensure what they have is legitimate. It sounds pretty simple; buy a product, examine the product and compare it to what you know the product is supposed to look like and if it matches up then you’ve got yourself a good batch of gear; unfortunately as simple as that sounds it’s really not that simple at all.

It’s no secret, anabolic androgenic steroids are some of the most commonly counterfeited products the world over. To begin you have a group of products that are in very high demand and you have a group of products with very little oversight as they are generally found and purchased on the black market. For this reason many will choose to stay away from underground labs as there is no assurance in the product being legit and they’ll instead make only a human grade purchase. Make no mistake, a human grade purchase is always a safer bet but as many underground versions are often garbage in the same light many human grade lines are often counterfeited. Some of these counterfeiters do an excellent job and in those cases all the pictures of steroids in the world may not be enough to save you if you don’t really know what you’re looking for and if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

The first and foremost order of business before making any purchase of anabolic steroids is researching the source from where you are obtaining them; most do not put in this time and are left wondering why their results are so sub-par. Once you have assurance regarding a particular source, an order is placed and the product is received then you may find pictures of steroids to be useful. Go to the world’s most popular search engine and you’ll find thousands of photos, go to some of the most popular related message boards and you’ll find pictures of steroids galore from which you can compare. If you examine these photos and it appears your product is not a match, well sure, that pretty much stinks but at least you know never to purchase from that vendor ever again.

When examining pictures of steroids there are certain things you want to notice. When looking at amps know the neck size, know the logos and writing that is supposed to be etched into the glass. Fortunately ampules are far less counterfeited than other forms but it still occurs. When looking at viles it gets a little trickier; a vile is very easy to counterfeit as all one has to do is match the stuck on label but many of the counterfeiters are so lazy you’ll be able to spot discrepancies in all the pictures of steroids if you really take the time to look. Then of course we have pills and tabs; the most commonly counterfeited anabolic steroids of all. Most all pills have a certain shape, size and color intended and many have a very specific stamp or seal on each and every tablet. These are the things you want to examine in the pictures of steroids you have at your disposal.

While none of this is a guarantee of a quality purchase; unfortunately such a guarantee is impossible to give without knowing the origin, it is a very useful tool one should necessarily implore. However, most will never examine pictures of steroids even though it would only take them a few minutes; they’re either too lazy or too stupid. The point, don’t be that guy. It is also true and has become more common than many realize some of the more prolific counterfeiters have begun placing pictures of steroids on their websites that match the real deal and then low and behold when the order comes in it’s not that at all. What does this mean for you? Quite simply it means your best friend will always be research, digging into a source deeply and thoroughly. Sure, you can skip this step if you like but understand you’ll remain just as weak and small.