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Muscle Building Steroids

Muscle building steroids, if you’re going to use them you want the best; after all, “The Best” is the end goal and less than the best won’t do. With seemingly unlimited choices, for many it’s often hard to determine what the best ones are and with so many opinions it can at times become seemingly impossible. One guy will tell you to do this and that and another will swear on his life that the other guy is wrong and both of them may indeed be big and muscular, so who’s right? Anabolic steroids are like so many other things in life and they largely revolve around individual response. You may respond better with one particular steroid while your friend has a more positive response to another. Even so, there are some basic simple truths that apply to all and in those truths we can accurately label the best muscle building steroids of all.

The All-Around Best Muscle Building Steroids:

With many anabolic steroids from which to choose the various testosterones will prove to be the most efficient muscle building steroids of all. Testosterone-Enanthate, Testosterone-Cypionate, Sustanon-250, Testosterone-Propionate or any other form you wish to use, all of these testosterones will pack muscle on your frame. True, there are steroids that will serve this purpose in a more pronounced way, steroids that can add weight to the scale at a faster rate but in-terms of quality, efficiency and all-around gains test is best.

Testosterone is not only highly effective it is the hormone most anabolic steroids owe their existence to. Further, it is a hormone we already produce naturally, so it is not a foreign substance our body isn’t used to. Granted, when we use it for performance enhancing purposes the levels of testosterone in the body will far surpass a normal range and this can cause possible unwanted side-effects; there is a chance but there are remedies and procedures you can follow to ensure your safety.

Muscle Building Steroids for Pure Mass:

When it comes to adding enormous amounts of size we will still want to use testosterone but it will be the additional items we stack with it that can truly bring enormous gains. There are three common and very popular muscle building steroids that will fill this role very well; Deca-Durabolin, Anadrol and Dianabol. One of the most common stacks the world over and it has been for many years is Testosterone-Deca-Dianabol or Anadrol in place of Dianabol. A stack such as this can produce a gain in weight as much as 20lbs and even up to 40lbs in most individuals. The amount of weight gain will largely be determined by your nutritional intake; the bigger you eat the bigger you’ll be but individual response to each steroid will also play a role.

Crossover Muscle Building Steroids:

There are many steroids that crossover into two categories as both effective muscle building steroids and cutting steroids. All four of the steroids mentioned so far can fill this role with testosterone being more efficient for both roles than the other three. Beyond testosterone, a true diverse anabolic steroid, the king of the realm regarding this crossover effect is that of Trenbolone. The various Trenbolones are some of the best muscle building steroids we can use and they are some of the best cutting steroids we can use as well. The same stack mentioned above can be used with Trenbolone, replacing the Deca with Tren.

Other commonly used muscle building steroids that are well-suited for most any cycle include Equipoise and to a degree Winstrol. While neither steroid will pack on size like the previously mentioned, they can greatly increase strength and protein synthesis thereby leading to solid gains.