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Anadrol Steroids

Anadrol steroids are some of the most popular among performance enhancers for some very simple reasons. Anadrol steroids work rapidly and more importantly can provide massive gains. Of course, while these are the primary reasons for their popularity their ease of use must also be taken into consideration, as all you have to do is swallow a little pill. Of course, Anadrol steroids are not without their downside, after all, when you put anything into your body, steroidal or not there is an element of risk involved. Nevertheless, it is a risk many are willing to take and as such Anadrol steroids remain some of the most popular of all.

Anadrol Steroids 101

Anadrol steroids belong to the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived anabolic steroid family. By their nature, as an oral steroid, as are most oral forms Anadrol steroids are C17-Alpha Alkylated (C17-aa). As C17-aa, this is a steroid that carries a level of liver toxicity, as do all C17-aa steroids, but in the case of Anadro ,it is one of the more hepatic. Liver enzyme values will increase with this steroids use, but with responsible use and a healthy lifestyle, values will return to normal shortly after use is discontinued.

As by their nature, Anadrol steroids carry a half-life of approximately 8.5 hours making daily administration necessary. Some will even split the total dosing into two smaller doses per day so as to ensure maximum levels are maintained. In any case, these are some powerful little tablets well-suited for packing on mass and increasing strength in record time. While these are more than welcomed traits, what makes this steroid more intriguing is the manner by-which it binds very lightly to the androgen receptors, allowing other steroids to do even more work; in-short, the total stack is enhanced.

Proper Use

Anadrol steroids are not foundational, put simply, these are not steroids we want to build and rest an entire stack upon. If one supplements with Anadrol, and Anadrol only he shouldnt expect to keep a lot of the gains he made. The Oxymetholone hormone that is Anadrol should be viewed by athletes as an addition to an already well-planned stack, as a means of enhancing an already well-planned stack. Most who supplement with this steroid, as it is so well-suited for mass will find off-season use to be the primary period of use. In any case, you will find Anadrol steroids stack well with just about anything, but for true growth, stacks of testosterone and Deca-Durabolin will be the best of all when including the Oxymetholone hormone.

As for the use itself, most will find 50mg per day to be all they ever need, with 100mg per day being our maximum dose and one only used by veterans of an extremely hardcore nature. Further, most will find 4 weeks of use to be as much as they need, with 6 weeks of use being our max due to the hepatic nature of this steroid. In any case, most will supplement with Anadrol steroids at the beginning of their cycle as a means of kick starting. 4-6 weeks of use allows gains to begin to show very quickly while the injectable steroids are building in your system.

Off-season kick starting is not the only means of use. Some will also find off-season plateau busting to be a beneficial period. This is the period in-which gains have begun to slow during the cycle, and when Anadrol steroids are added in the gains begin to bust through once more. However, for the purpose of off-season plateau busting we prefer Dianabol for this purpose but Anadrol can be an excellent choice. Finally, there is one more period of use in-which Anadrol steroids can be beneficial, and it is during a cutting cycle. Many competitive bodybuilders supplement with Anadrol right before a contest, supplementing the last few weeks. Such use allows the bodybuilder to maximize his carb up and to really fill out nicely. It must be noted, if you have never supplemented with this steroid before this is not something youre going to want to try. Anadrol can make you hold a fair amount of water, and if you do not understand how to control this or if you have difficulty controlling water to begin with this is a process youll want to forgo.