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Our body produces insulin; a protein secreted by the pancreas to regulate and maintains the levels of blood sugar in the body. Pancreas senses any increment in the blood sugar levels and secretes insulin to lower it. In the field of medicine it is used to treat diabetes. Surprisingly it also exhibits strong anabolic steroid making it a powerful steroid. Steroid users buy insulin to gain muscle mass.

How it Works

Insulin gives impressive muscle mass gains similar to other anabolic steroids. Body builders and power lifters buy insulin to Gain weight as well. Basically insulin secreted by the body takes up glucose present in the blood and stores it in the muscle cells after converting it to glycogen. Glycogen in turn promotes protein synthesis and so the greater the quantity of glycogen in the cells the higher would be the protein absorption. Glycogen retention is the major driving force behind the muscle built up when insulin is used as a steroid. Another useful contribution of this drug which leads the steroid users to buy insulin is that it stops protein catabolism (break down of muscle protein); in this way more muscles are created which in turn leads to an increase in the muscle size. Insulin also strongly influences the IGF (Insulin like Growth Factor) in the body. The IGF promotes muscle growth. It is also instrumental in increasing the bone density in the body.

Steroid users also buy insulin because it gives instant energy and so greatly increases the endurance level of the body. A body builder, power lifter or an athlete needs more endurance levels for intense training for the competition. High endurance levels mean that the user can train harder and for a longer period of time.

Power lifters, body builders and athletes who want to gain weight quickly buy insulin as it can add considerable weight to the body in a short time. Most steroids use the fat stored in the body as fuel; insulin on the other hand prevents fat from being used as a fuel thereby giving considerable weight gains. Insulin was also found to increase the testosterone levels in the body.

Though insulin can work wonders in body building, it can actually be fatal. Insulin when taken by non-diabetics can lead to a condition called hypoglycemia. In hypoglycemia, there is a marked decrease in the blood sugar level which may cause the user to faint. In extreme cases, hypoglycemia can lead to brain damage or cause death. Users are advised to eat anything rich in carbohydrates after injecting insulin. Drowsiness and hunger pangs after the injection are some symptoms of the onset of hypoglycemia. The user is advised to eat a rich sugary food if such symptoms occur.

In short insulin as a steroid gives excellent results in muscle build up, weight gain and increased endurance levels. It is an inexpensive drug which is readily available and it is difficult to detect in a doping test; however it is quite “lethal” and can cause death.

Types of Insulin

There are various compositions of Insulin available in the market for athletic uses. Following are the five basic types of insulin commonly used by the athletes and body builders.

  • Insulin Humalog it is the fastest acting insulin
  • Insulin Humulin R it is effective for short duration
  • Insulin Humulin N it is an intermediate length composition
  • Insulin Humulin U it is also an intermediate length composition
  • Insulin –Humulin –U (utalente) it is a long acting composition

Insulin Humalog is the best choice for athletes and body builders but unfortunately you cannot get it without a prescription. For this reason Humulin-R is widely used by athletes and body builders as it can be obtained without a prescription. Humulin R peaks quickly and leaves the body rapidly too.

The recommended dosage for insulin is 5 to 15 iu(international units) per day; however beginners are advised to start with a small dose of 1 to 2 iu per day.