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There are several different steroids that may be aptly labeled a steroid cream and each of these steroids has a unique purpose and function. A common mistake is to assume all steroids are anabolic steroids or muscle building steroids when in truth there are hundreds of various steroids known to man and many of these steroids have the exact opposite effect of anabolic steroids. As it pertains to a steroid cream we can generally place three classes of steroids in the steroid cream category; many corticosteroids belong to the steroid cream family as does testosterone gel and last but certainly not least the infamous steroid cream known as The Clear made famous by the BALCO scandal.

Testosterone Steroid Cream:

Testosterone in the form of exogenous application is perhaps one of the most important steroids available, especially in the anabolic steroid category. Although most exogenous testosterone is provided in an injectable form some testosterone does come in the form of a steroid cream. For performance enhancing purposes most individuals will not use this steroid cream due to its inability to have a serious impact in that regard; one would need to apply the steroid cream almost in a constant fashion throughout the day to see any real performance enhancing qualities and injectable testosterone is normally better served for this purpose. However, a steroid cream is often used in the practice of hormone replacement therapy in the treatment of low testosterone; although the injectable forms are also commonly used it is for this purpose a testosterone steroid cream is most commonly used.

Cortico-Steroid Cream:

Corticosteroids are very common to medical practice and they serve a multitude of purposes. If youve ever had a pain in a joint or an inflamed muscle theres a good chance youve received an injection of corticosteroids. Now these types of steroids have no muscle building properties whatsoever, in-fact, they possess many opposing traits but they are fantastic drugs in-terms of the service they provide. Although many corticosteroids come in an injectable form they also come in the form of a steroid cream. The corticosteroid that comes in the form of a steroid cream is generally used in the treatment of surface conditions, such as rashes, skin disorders or ailments. This type of steroid cream is one of the weaker steroids available but it serves its purpose well here.

Steroid Cream The Clear:

The most infamous steroid cream of all, The Clear made headline news only a few years ago with the breaking BALCO scandal and the host of athletes involved. A steroid cream developed for the purpose of performance enhancing, although it provides this attribute it is relatively weak in comparison to other anabolic steroids. The Clear is comprised of two key ingredients, testosterone and epitestosterone; a combination that allows the drug to be used by a tested athlete in an undetectable manner. Although the drug will not provide massive gains in strength or size it will provide a nice boost and more importantly to the tested athlete it will do so without detection.

The Bottom Line:

In the end as you can see, there are many forms of steroid creams available and each one carries with it its own unique purpose. Now that you understand this a little more hopefully the next time you find yourself in a discussion regarding steroids you will be able to carry yourself with a little more authority on the topic at hand. As mentioned and as you well already know, many individuals assume all steroids are of the muscle building category and this includes steroid creams but as you can readily see this is a false assumption.