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Testosterone is a hormone which occurs naturally in the body. In males it is produced by the testes whereas in case of women it is produced by ovaries. Women have only a fraction of the testosterones; it is more dominant in males and is responsible for the growth of the reproductive organs, formation of sperms, appearance of hair on the body, thickening of voice and increased sex drive.

Benefits of Testosterone

As a bodybuilding steroid, testosterones are manufactured synthetically. You can buy testosterone if you wish to enhance the size and shape of your muscles. Testosterone steroid is injected in the body as it has poor oral bioavailability. Bodybuilders and power lifters buy testosterone as it gives wonderful gains in strength and size. Testosterones encourage protein synthesis; an important aspect of muscle builds up. Muscles are largely made of proteins and the greater the protein content, the bigger will be the size of the muscles. Besides building muscles, testosterones also discourage protein breakdown; another important aspect of muscle building. You can also buy testosterone to gain stamina. Intense workouts is the major requirement of muscle building and for intense workout, you need more stamina. Testosterones provide that stamina by increasing the number of red blood cells and the volume of the blood in the body. More red blood cells mean that there are more carriers of oxygen and other nutrients supplied to the body. Body builders and power lifters buy testosterone as besides promoting their growth, testosterone is also responsible for the repairing of muscles. It also effectively gets rid of the fat deposition in the user’s body giving the user a lean muscular physique.

In the field of medicine, testosterone is found to be useful in the treatments of osteoporosis as it has the ability to increase the calcium retention in bones thereby increasing the bone density. It also protects the body from cardiac problems. Doctors recommend this steroid in diseases such as sexual dysfunction and hypogonadism which occur due to a deficiency of testosterones in the body.

Side Effects of Testosterones

Before you buy testosterone, it is better if you educate yourself with the possible side effects. You can gain a lot from testosterones if you use it within the prescribed dosage and within the recommended time. Some extreme side effects which can occur are gynocomastia in men and virilization in women. Gynocomastia occurs due to the strong ability of testosterones to aromatize. In aromatization, the testosterones in the body convert to estrogens which are female sex hormones. Estrogens bind with the breast tissue and get deposited on the site. This gives the men abnormally large breasts. Gynocomastia is known as “bitch tits” in layman language and is curable if detected and treated at an early stage. In extreme cases surgery is required to remove this abnormal growth.

Virilization occurs in women. In this condition the excess testosterones produce male characteristics in women. Women users notice excessive growth of hair all over their bodies especially on the face. The voice box thickens causing their voices to become deep and men like. Over all the face acquires a masculine look. Another change in the physical appearance occurs as the breasts of women become smaller. An irreversible and a rather serious change that occurs in women is that the clitoris enlarges. Menstrual irregularities and often the total cessation of menstrual cycle also occur during virilization.

Breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men is also a possibility if you buy testosterone and use it for a long time. Other side effect one may experience is mood swings such as depression, irritability, decreased libido, restlessness and insomnia. These symptoms occur when the user stops taking testosterones.