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There are many forms of steroid tablets available and many serve various purposes and functions. While the many steroid tablets vary in-terms of function, potency, efficiency, as well as cost, one of the primary concerns many people have is regarding that of safety. As it pertains to safety and this is a very important factor, some steroid tablets are definitely safer than others but understand, more often it is the dosing and duration of use that can increase risk the most and that is a very important factor to consider. Of course we all want to be safe; neither you nor anyone else wants to do something that will leave you irrepealably damaged but at the same time the other concerns of effectiveness and efficiency remain on the brain. So the question is simple; which ones are the safest and still actively effective; let’s dive in.

The Absolute Safest Steroid Tablets:

Of all the steroid tablets available there is only one that we can label almost 100% safe and it is that of Anavar. Unfortunately we cannot label any anabolic steroid 100% safe, in-fact there is not a drug of any type, steroid or non-steroidal that can boast such a claim; all drugs, steroidal and non-steroidal carry with them potential side-effects. However, while there is always risk you will find the risk to be at its lowest with the anabolic steroid Anavar; not only is it the safest oral anabolic steroid but it is perhaps the safest anabolic steroid of all.

While most men will find this anabolic steroid to be of a weak nature and will find many others to be far superior in-terms of effectiveness, without question this is the primary anabolic steroid used by many women and further the primary anabolic steroid we recommend for any women who desires to use them. For both leaning out and adding lean tissue Anavar is the perfect choice for most any women and most will find it to be generally side-effect free. As women are far more sensitive to the negative side-effects of anabolic steroid use this makes it the perfect steroid for the female user.

The Most Effective & Efficient Steroid Tablets:

There are two steroid tablets that are by all counts perhaps the best all-around oral anabolic steroids we can use; Dianabol and Anadrol. Both of these oral steroids are phenomenal for not only increasing lean mass but adding abundant strength as well; would we call them the safest, absolutely not but we wouldn’t call them the most dangerous either.

While both of these steroid tablets are very effective and efficient anabolic steroids there is a stronger potential of negative side-effects as compared to Anavar discussed above. Of all potential side-effects, one many will need to keep a very close eye on with the use of either is that of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is perhaps the most common negative side-effect associated with Dianabol and Anadrol and if you already suffer from high levels you are advised to stay away.

The Most Powerful Steroid Tablets:

As there was one labeled the safest of all there is one that is without a doubt the most powerful and that has to go to the anabolic steroid Halotestin (Halo.) While Halo is not well known for adding massive amounts of lean tissue and size it is in its ability to increase strength at a dramatic rate which it is best known for. Further, along with increases in strength Halo is a perfect steroid for hardening an already lean physique. As both of these traits can be more than welcomed by anyone who trains, Halo also possesses the ability to increase aggression and is often blamed for what is mythically known as “Roid Rage.” With the increased aggression, when used in the gym it can be a very valuable asset and allow one to push even harder.

As potent and powerful as Halotestin is it is also one of the most toxic anabolic steroids on the market; the most, absolutely not but it is high on the list. This is an anabolic steroid we do not recommend to too many people; Halo should be reserved for the far advanced only and only those who know how to be responsible with their anabolic steroid use.

The Worst Steroid Tablets:

The worst steroid tablets, that’s a very easy one; the worst ones are the fake ones; there really isn’t a “Bad” steroid tablet as most have a purpose and positive function for someone. However, oral anabolic steroids are some of the most counterfeited on the market largely in-part due to their high popularity. Further, Dianabol powder is normally very cheap and many labs will use Dianabol powder and call it whatever oral they’re in the mood to call it at the time; usually whatever is selling best. It is not uncommon to receive absolute fake steroid tablets or tablets that are all Dianabol; hey, Dianabol is great but if you’re expecting Winstrol or Anavar it becomes a problem.