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For many people anabolic steroid stacks can be the most confusing thing in the world; for many, developing solid steroid stacks is as confusing as trying to understand the human circulatory system as it pertains and relates to the moon. As there is much information to know and understand there are a list of rules you can follow that will give you the success you’re looking for as well as ease your mind. While there may be exceptions to many of these rules some are set in stone and the first one is without question universal; keep it simple, with all your steroid stacks keep it simple and you will eliminate much of what concerns you. We have provided you a list of rules to abide by beyond the “Keep It Simple” mantra and you can rest easy knowing if you follow these rules you will not only complete successful cycles but remove many of the commonly associated problems from the equation. ,/p>

Steroid Stacks – The Golden Rule:

For almost all successful steroid stacks as they pertain to healthy adult males you will include in this cycle the use of testosterone. Without question testosterone is not only one of the most powerful steroidal hormones but it is further one of the most highly tolerated, efficient and effective choices we can make. Yes, there is a potential for negative side-effects with its use; in many cases this is largely dose dependent.

There is a sometimes common myth floating around the anabolic using world and it’s one that is pure myth indeed. Yes, it is true, the use of exogenous testosterone can cause you to bloat and some individuals may be a little more sensitive than others but more than anything else this is largely dependent on our diets. If you eat well, eat clean and do not consume more carbohydrates than you need as well as keep your body hydrated you will largely eliminate this potential problem. No, drinking plenty of water will not bloat you.

As it pertains to this hormone in specifics; the number one reason we will use it in most of our steroid stacks is simple; using anabolic steroids will shut down our natural testosterone production no matter the types we use. Wouldn’t it then make sense to supplement with testosterone to ensure our bodies have what they need? Further, the results we can obtain from testosterone use are in many ways second to none, especially when taking in more than our body can naturally produce; and if you’re “performance enhancing” that’s pretty much the point.

Steroid Stacks 101 – The Rules:

While testosterone use is the golden rule there are other important rules we can apply. While some of these rules will vary from person to person, in general these rules can be applied to almost all steroid stacks that you wish to meet head on with success:

1.Use Testosterone: Already talked about but worth repeating
2.If you use orals in most cases you will only want to use one at a time and keep use in the 6wk range in general. As you understand oral steroids can be toxic to the liver, using multiple oral steroids can lead to problems.
3.At the conclusion of every cycle, regardless of the load, be it a light or heavy stack, every single one, all of your steroid stacks will end with a post cycle therapy plan.
4.When trying to prevent Gynecomastia (Gyno) while on cycle we will use an aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex or Letroxol; save the Nolvadex and Clomid for PCT.
5.We will always use sanitary practices; we will always wash and disinfect the area prior to injection and we will never reuse the same needle; we will always inject with a fresh, clean needle.
6.All of our steroid stacks will be comprised of human grade steroids. While we may make exceptions for such items as Trenbolone and Equipoise we will not make this exception for anything else. Our Testosterone, our Deca, our Dianabol, our Anadrol, our Anavar and everything else will be of human grade.
7.We will always keep an eye on our blood pressure, cholesterol and liver values. If problems arise we will not ignore them but treat the symptoms properly. If this means ending the cycle early so be it. In many cases we understand these problems can largely be treated with diet, especially blood pressure and cholesterol related.
8.We will not create steroid stacks that are of shooting at the wind nature. We will plan out our course of action; we will follow it and adjust it when necessary.
9.We will not take internet message board information as gospel truth. We will take it upon ourselves to educate ourselves, to question what we hear and to read, to study and research until we know the true answer without question.
10.We will always understand there are risk to using anabolic steroids and these risk are accepted and our own when and if we decide to use them. If problems arise we will not cry we will not wallow in self-pity. We understand these risks are not guaranteed but we understand they are there. While we understand risk exist we further understand in many ways they can be dose dependent but we fully understand there is a risk to reward ratio that is very real. Quite often the higher the risk the greater the reward but all-in-all anabolic steroid use can be very individualistic. While certain risk may become a reality in you, in another they will never show there head.

If you can abide by these simple rules; and you absolutely can, your anabolic steroid experience will be safer, more efficient and far more effective. However, many of you will ignore this list; there’s some king of the boards you listen to on your favorite message board that never runs test, buys his gear from and he sounds smart so you’ll listen to him. Unfortunately this is reality, some of you are that dumb; if you are then you’ve more than likely stopped reading long ago. For the rest of you, good luck, we hope this will help you.