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British Dragon Steroids

British Dragon steroids are without question one of the most popular brands in the history of anabolic androgenic steroids hands-down. What’s particularly interesting about this brand is that they are of the underground lab nature, not human grade but British Dragon steroids are one of the few underground labels that for years held up to a standard of near perfection. If more underground brands would hold to the standards this famous lab did the underground market would be in far better shape. You may have noticed we’re speaking in past tense and there’s a good reason for that; the original British Dragon steroids are no more and haven’t been for a while.

British Dragon Steroids – The End of the Game:

While there have been many labs under the BD label that have been busted in the past, the reign of supremacy officially ended with the arrest of top brass in 2008. Without question this left a massive hole in the steroid market and since that time a host of UG labs have tried to fill the void but so far none have met near the success. The reason such success hasn’t been met is relatively simple; British Dragon steroids were not only of top shelf quality but if you ordered their products you could rest easy knowing you wouldn’t get scammed. Quality gear, dosed correctly, labeled properly and sent at a reasonable rate was and is the perfect recipe for success; unfortunately all good things must end and in the underground steroid world they seemingly always do.

British Dragon Steroids – Beware!

As many labs have tried to take the originals place, since that time many labs have popped up out of nowhere carrying with them the BD name. Most of these labs are outright scams; you’ll send your money but you will receive nothing in return. Of those that actually send a product you’ll find most to be nowhere near the quality of the original British Dragon steroids but the name is held in such high regard it is a scam that has become a big money game.

The New British Dragon:

While there are multiple scammers carrying the name there is what appears to be a new brand carrying the name that may indeed be the real thing. They claim to be the official new BD and carry with them the full line of British Dragon steroids manufactured in a new WHO-GMP certified factory, as well as being licensed pharmaceutical grade anabolic steroids in Europe, Asia and South America. While we cannot say for certain if this brand will be of a quality nature it does sound promising; however, only time will tell.

The Bottom Line:

The truth is simple; British Dragon steroids, the original is no more and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or hasn’t a clue what they’re talking about. While the new line may indeed prove to be of a quality nature you need to use caution when searching for British Dragon steroids as there are so many scammers and manufactures of garbage under the name. Use caution when searching, educate yourself and take no one’s word on anything. This should be your common practice regarding anabolic steroids in general but it definitely should apply here too.