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Bodybuilders on Steroids

Bodybuilding, it is a pursuit taken on by many, be it simply as an endeavor to build a more pleasing physique or one of a high end competitive nature. Regardless of the purpose one thing is for certain; bodybuilders on steroids make up a large portion of this group. Without question when it comes to competitive circles there is a higher number of bodybuilders on steroids than those who live a bodybuilding lifestyle without the competitive end but contrary to many beliefs the amount of bodybuilders on steroids who do not compete is in-fact quite large. It is estimated that over six-million American adults supplement with anabolic steroids and the majority do so not for competitive bodybuilding reasons or athletic performance but simply to look and feel better. Even so, for many who are not a part of this world lack any understanding as to why anyone competitor or not would even begin to mess with such a pursuit, let alone do so with anabolic assistance; let’s take a look and see if we can’t shed some light.

Competitive Bodybuilders on Steroids

Since their inception competitive bodybuilders on steroids have made up a massive portion of the synthetic anabolic population; this is not news and should come as no surprise. Contrary to the belief of many building a massive muscular physique of a lean and hard nature is impossible without such assistance; it physically cannot be done. Yes, you can build an impressive physique without anabolic assistance but in order to reach your full potential and build a physique that stands high above the rest, one that is far from average some anabolic edge is going to be at play. For the competitor, in order to win he must possess and display a physique that is not only impressive, “looking good” is not enough but he must possess one that seems almost superhuman like if he wishes to even begin to stand a chance.

Gym Rat Bodybuilders on Steroids

The gym rat bodybuilder is simply an individual who lives the bodybuilding lifestyle, trains and eats like a competitive bodybuilder without the competitive end and this makes up the largest portion of bodybuilders on earth. The extreme of ones pursuit in this regard will vary greatly from one guy to the next but the principles and actions are one in the same regardless of the end goal. Of all the bodybuilders on steroids, of the six-million Americans adults who partake in recreational anabolic assistance this individual makes up the largest portion of that group by a mile. So why does he do it, what’s the point; if there is no competitive end what’s the purpose? For some and this more than likely includes most it is for no other reason than vanity; a lean muscular physique is praised, much more so than an average build and to be quite honest many simply enjoy feeling like a bad ass and looking good without a shirt. Pretty simple really and it doesn’t take a lot of dissecting to figure out. There is however another group of bodybuilders on steroids that belong to this class but take head to the anabolic call for other reasons and it is a bit more complex. Unlike his counterpart gym rat who undoubtedly takes some liberties with his training and diet, this individual does not; he is as disciplined as his competitive cousin, he lives and breathes the bodybuilding lifestyle; training is never missed, each meal is planned and precise and his entire lifestyle is built around his pursuit. So what’s the purpose? Sure, part of it is to simply obtain a desired look but for this individual vanity is far down the list. For this individual it is simply the raw masculine nature of the pursuit, it is a pursuit that allows him to “return to nature” in-terms of the animalistic nature of the pursuit. This individual simply enjoys the hunt itself; the work, the sweat and blood, the pain and pride that is obtained all on his own, this is why he does it and if he “looks good” in the end, well that’s only a bonus.

The Bottom Line

Competitive bodybuilding has never been nor will it ever be mainstream and as long as anabolic steroids are viewed in pop-culture as they are bodybuilders on steroids will always be outcast to the rest of society. For the majority of society anabolic steroids themselves, regardless of the purpose for which they are used are often seen as taboo and as bodybuilding alone is also deemed “weird” when you consider bodybuilders on steroids for many you’ve now entered the world of “Super-Weird.” Nevertheless, bodybuilders on steroids will always exist as the relationship is intertwined and truth be told, there for better or worse there is no turning back.