Steroid Information


HCG or Human Chronic Gonadotrophic is a naturally occurring peptide hormone. It is formed in the placenta of pregnant women. Research conducted on HCG showed that it possessed strong anabolic qualities and so HCG was developed synthetically as a steroid. Athletes and body builders now buy HCG because of the powerful anabolic qualities it possesses.

How it Works

In men the Human Chronic Gonadotropin promotes the production of androgen hormones which we know as testosterones. Athletes, body builders and power lifters buy HCG to increase the testosterone levels in the body. For this reason HCG stacked along other steroids or used as a post cycle therapy after the steroids are taken.

Steroids have the ability to make the body stop the natural production of testosterones. The body itself releases a fixed quantity of testosterones; when steroids are taken, the number of testosterones in the body increases. To stop the testosterones from exceeding too much, the body slows its production and after sometime stops producing testosterones. This effect is not noticeable as long as the person is taking steroids but when the person stops taking steroids; the number of testosterones falls sharply causing many problems such as a general feeling of fatigue and considerable loss in muscle mass and strength gains. Steroid users buy HCG which is injected under such conditions to increase the testosterone levels in the body and to stop these losses.

Another reason why athletes and body builders buy HCG is that it is an excellent treatment for testicular atrophy. The long term use of steroids causes the size of the testes to become smaller; the use of HCG brings the testes back to their normal size. Decrease in sexual drive is another adverse side effect of steroids as is low sperm count. Both conditions can be cured with HCG which increases the libido and induces spermatogenesis (formation of sperms).

The dosage of the HCG depends on the steroids being taken. The recommended dose of HCG is 2000 to 5000 IU every five days. The users who have taken strong androgenic steroids may require a higher dose but a maximum of 5000 IU is enough. The user is advised to take HCG for 4 weeks at the most. Usually steroid user take HCG for two to three weeks in-between their steroid treatment and then for another two to three weeks at the end of the steroid treatment. However most athletes prefer to use HCG at the end of the steroid cycle; however the athletes must first gradually decrease the intake of steroids before starting the HCG treatment. If HCG is taken for a long time, side effects may occur.

Side Effects of HCG

When HCG is taken for too long and over a longer period of time, there is a strong possibility that the gonadal function may suffer. The exogenous intake of HCG may suppress the natural production of the gonadotropins.

Young steroid users are advised to stay away from this compound as it causes stunting of growth by closing the growth plates which are present at the end of the bones and which determine how tall the person will grow. Gynocomastia or large breasts in men, water and salt retention, mood swings, steroid acne and high blood pressure are some side effects of HCG.

HCG is an expensive drug. Due to its remarkable benefits, it is very much in demand. Cheap versions of HCG are available on the black market but they can cause considerable harm. You can also buy HCG from online pharmacies as they are the most reliable source. You do not need a prescription to buy HCG from online pharmacies.