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Testosterone Booster

For the performance enhancer who supplements with anabolic steroids the best testosterone booster he will ever use is simply that of pure testosterone. Exogenous testosterone, in any form is truly the best testosterone booster we have at our disposal as it will efficiently and effectively increase your total levels more so than anything else. Of course for many this is not an option and it may not be an option for a host of reasons, from a legal standpoint, availability or even simple personal conviction. Regardless of the reasons for abstaining from anabolic steroids increasing total testosterone levels can be very beneficial and if youre looking for an alternative testosterone booster youre in luck as we have the answers youre looking for.

Over the Counter Testosterone Booster:

Simply by walking into your local supplement store or visiting your favorite online shop you can find some quality supplements designed to increase your testosterone levels. Unfortunately youll also find many of these supplements to be a waste of your time and money, far more so than not but this doesnt mean a good over the counter testosterone booster is not available. Many of these supplements will contain natural vitamins and minerals that promote testosterone production and some will even be of a pro-hormone nature; items designed to create a positive anabolic reaction once ingested by way of a chemical restructuring once in the body. No, there is not an over the counter supplement that will come anywhere close to the effectiveness of pure exogenous testosterone but if you do a little digging youll be sure to find some quality products that can give you a boost.

The Testosterone Booster on your Plate:

By far the best testosterone booster you have at your disposal beyond that of anabolic steroids is simply the food you eat. There are several foods that have been shown to increase natural testosterone production and to receive this benefit all you have to do is consume them on a regular basis. Generally speaking a food that can be used as a testosterone booster will be that of a dietary fat nature. This really shouldnt be that surprising as the steroidal hormone testosterone itself is a fat based hormone. Of course it is important to note when we speak of dietary fat were not speaking of any fat; consuming piles of greasy nachos and dozens of doughnuts is not going to be the answer. When referring to fats were referring to healthy fats and not only will these fats give you a testosterone boosting effect but they will also provide many traits necessary to enhanced muscular development.

As you understand food is the most anabolic tool we have at our disposal and as certain foods have the ability to act as a testosterone booster youre going to need to know which ones have this effect. Without question the top foods in-which you can choose from include:

  • Whole Eggs
  • Lean Cuts of Red Meat
  • Salmon
  • Nuts & Legumes
  • Peanut Butter

the Importance of Rest:

Youve heard the old saying rest is when you grow and this little phrase remains true. When we train it is not in the gym that we make improvements, in the gym is when we stimulate and tear down; it is when we rest and our body rejuvenates that progress is made. Further, it is when we rest that our testosterone levels are improved upon; as we sleep at night our total levels increase and when we wake in the morning they are at their peak. Those who do not receive adequate rest to meet their needs will see their testosterone levels drop and as they drop improvements will be very hard to make. With adequate rest, simply by closing our eyes and laying our heads on the pillow we provide our body a testosterone booster simply by going to sleep. If you can couple this with proper nutrition and even a quality over the counter supplement youll surely see your levels increase. How much sleep do you need to have this positive effect? Most will need 8-9 hours a night but there are those who can thrive on a little less.

The End Game:

In the end, while these tricks and tips can provide you what you may be looking for it remains there is no testosterone booster as great as exogenous testosterone. This is not said to discourage you, it is simply the truth and theres no point in sugar coating reality. Even if you take hold of everything said here you will still not increase your total levels anywhere near what a low dose of testosterone can provide; that is simply the reality of the situation. Further, if you already suffer from low testosterone and millions of men do, there is no testosterone booster or increasing tip that will help you other than exogenous testosterone. If this is you then you are encouraged to consult with your doctor as low testosterone is no joking matter.