Steroid Information

Buy Trenbolone

Trenbolone is without doubt a very strong anabolic steroid. Those who are looking for serious muscle mass gain should buy Trenbolone. It is available in injectible form and is popularly known as Finaplix.

How it Works

As mentioned earlier this steroid is quite powerful and those who buy Trenbolone stand to gain muscle mass, weight and strength without the ugly side effects such as water retention and gynocomastia.

This steroid encourages protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in the body thereby giving the user impressive muscles. It strengthens and adds to the muscle fiber, it increases the amount of DNA per muscle and also increases the level of IGF-1 in the muscle tissue. IGF or Insulin Growth Factor is largely responsible for muscle growth. Body builders, power lifters and leisure users who seek superior quality muscles buy Trenbolone.

An added advantage gained by those who buy Trenbolone is that it not only aids in building quality muscles, it also helps protect them from muscle wasting processes such as protein catabolism. In this process the proteins stored in the muscle cells break down to produce energy. Trenbolone stops this from happening and breaks down the fat cells to use them as energy. In this way those who buy Trenbolone can get rid of the extra fat stored in their body. By increasing the activity of the satellite cells present in the body, this steroid increases the ability of the body to heal the injured muscles.

Besides protein catabolism, water retention also destroys the muscles. Water retention is a common side effect of 95% of steroids; Trenbolone comes in the remaining 5% which do not aromatize and thus do not cause water retention in the body. The water retained collects under the skin making the muscles look soft and puffy; however such a condition does not arise with this steroid making it another good reason why you should buy Trenbolone.

Users also buy Trenbolone to increase the stamina and the endurance level. Greater stamina is required for more intense training and better performance; Trenbolone provides the body that stamina by increasing the number of red blood cells in the body.

Trenbolone shows a strong binding affinity to the Androgen Receptors (A.R); in fact the affinity showed by this drug is stronger than that of testosterone giving it (Trenbolone) strong androgenic properties as well.

Trenbolone has a short half life around 48 to 72 hours. The short half life of Trenbolone means that it needs to be injected quite often on daily basis. Leisure user takes 200 mg per week while a professional user may take up to 1400 mg per week.

Side Effects of Trenbolone

The most pronounced side effects of Trenbolone are steroid acne, hair loss and oily skin. The raised aggression level which results in more stamina for training can become a problem later on. The user often becomes short tempered and irritable. Depression and anxiety are other side effects of this steroid. Testicular atrophy (shrinking of testes) occurs with this drug too. Although this steroid shows anti-estrogenic activity, it exhibits strong progestenic activity which being a strong female sex hormone can cause gynocomastia or abnormally large breasts in men and water retention. The progestenic activity due to prolong use can also cause cessation of the production of natural hormones in the body. Low testosterone level in the body results erectile dysfunction in men as well as loss of libido.

An imbalance of cholesterol level as well as liver enzymes is common with the use of Trenbolone. This steroid disturbs the electrolytic balance of the body which may lead to renal failure.