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A steroid encyclopedia, wouldn’t it be nice if such a book were available at your local book store that covered every last aspect of the anabolic steroid world; unfortunately a true blue anabolic steroid encyclopedia does not exist. While there are many books that cover all the various forms of anabolic steroids and some of these books will even cover certain brands or labs, cycle information such as stacking and dosing and maybe even a brief history but that’s generally the full extent. Do not misunderstand, such information can be very valuable but there’s a lot of information never delved into that a lot of individuals wish. If you go to a steroid related message board or a bodybuilding/fitness message board that covers the topic of anabolic steroids you’ll find a list of very common questions not covered in these books, such as but not limited to:

  • Which sources are clean
  • How not to get caught
  • What to do if you are caught
  • Legal ramifications (detailed specifics)
  • What the Pro’s do exactly

All of the above are common questions and if a true steroid encyclopedia did exist many would find this information to be very useful. One very common mistake people make is in regards to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book “The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding” is that it will include a steroid encyclopedia section. Let’s be clear; although the book does provide a lot of solid information and will be found to be entertaining for anyone interested in bodybuilding or general fitness, a steroid encyclopedia this book is not; in-fact it’s anything but a steroid encyclopedia.

The reason a true steroid encyclopedia does not exist is very simple; the topic of anabolic steroids is very controversial to say the least and to provide the type of information in the detail listed above would in many cases be providing information on how to directly break the law. For most writers and publishers this is a topic they do not want to touch but what many may not understand is legally a true steroid encyclopedia could easily be written.

As we understand the use of anabolic steroids is 100% legal in many countries; in other places such as the United States they are controlled substances making use without a valid prescription illegal. However, discussion of anabolic steroids and all facets is perfectly legal in places such as the U.S. thereby making a steroid encyclopedia a possible reality but a very unrealistic one due to the backlash it may bring those involved in-terms of a very unwanted spotlight.

If you have interest in anabolic steroids and wish to find a full steroid encyclopedia there is good news. Although you won’t find this book at any store or on any online shop don’t shrug your shoulders just yet. All the information you desire is out there; you may simply have to find it from a host of various places. In the end, with all the information out there if one so desired to truly learn it all, you may indeed be able to put together a steroid encyclopedia in your own mind and that is a very plausible reality.