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Cutting Steroids

One of the most common questions of all; what are the best cutting steroids? While we can accurately say almost all anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) can lead to a reduction in body fat there are AAS that are definitely the best cutting steroids of all. As there are steroids that primarily fulfill this purpose there are also a host of commonly used performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) often mistaken for anabolic steroids. While these PED’s do in fact lead to decreased body fat and just because they do so and do so as PED’s does not place them in the steroid family.

The Best Cutting Steroids:

When it comes to pure fat burning, if we were to label the absolute best cutting steroids, Trenbolone would hold the top spot on the list; not just the top but light years ahead of the rest. You know Trenbolone as one of the most powerful steroids with the primary purposes of increasing strength and size as well as hardening but it has also been shown to have fat reduction qualities. More or less all AAS have this quality; Trenbolone simply does a better job of it. After Tren there are many other choices, none as powerful but quality choices we may place in the cutting steroids camp:

All of the above can be used in cutting cycles and used effectively but in the end it will all boil down to what you eat and not the steroids you use. After all, one could easily use a stack of pretty much any two steroids on that list and grow/bulk if their diet was apt for the purpose. Understand food and understand AAS and you’ll understand how to maximize both.

Common Mistaken Cutting Steroids:

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of various PED’s the world over and guess what, most of them are not anabolic steroids. Yes, AAS belongs to the PED family but that doesn’t mean all PED’s are AAS; look at it like this, an apple is a fruit, fruit is food but all food is not fruit. Calling all food fruit simply because the apple is would be akin to what is done every day and that is calling Human Growth Hormone an anabolic steroid (HGH.) HGH is a peptide hormone, a very different class of hormones from steroidal but you bet it will burn fat like no other and at a much higher rate than any AAS you can take; even so, this doesn’t mean HGH falls into the cutting steroids category any more than Slim-Fast does.

Making Use of Cutting Steroids:

A myth of epic proportions revolving around cutting steroids and steroids in general is that if you take them results will happen just because you took them; that’s like saying I got a new haircut so now I smell better. A lot of this stupid thinking is due to the manner in-which steroids are viewed by society; as some sort of Nazi baby killing cheat juice. The bottom line is simple, take all the Cutting Steroids you can get your hands on and if your diet is not top shelf then you won’t lose fat. Your diet and training program will still be the most important factor; the AAS will simply be an added tool