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Athletes and Steroids

Athletes and steroids, it’s a story that won’t seem to go away. Year after year or we may even say week after week new allegations arise, new names are drug through the mud and old names are drug through again. From the roof top of the media empire we hear their cry’s, “It’s cheating…it’s immoral…it’s wrong” but yet day after day stories surrounding athletes and steroids make headline news. On the surface it’s a good question to ask “why do athletes continue to use steroids?” On the surface it’s a good question but in reality it’s a question born of ignorance. Athletes and steroids are as much a part of the sports they play as is the actual sport itself; what many of these athletes are asked to do is by many accounts virtually impossible without anabolic steroids and more importantly athletes and steroids exist because they work and nothing else comes even close.

A common misconception is the story surrounding athletes and steroids is that of a new one when in-fact its roots stretch back for decades in-terms of the modern sporting age. Let’s examine some things we know regarding athletes and steroids, particular professional sports and you decide then if this steroid thing is unique to the modern era. Take a look at this short list we’ve provided for you and keep in mind, if we desire and if need be this list can go on and on until your eyes begin to bleed.

Athletes and Steroids: What We Know:

  • Testosterone from testicular extract has been used in baseball since the 1800’s even Babe Ruth is recorded to as having tried this practice.
  • Synthetic anabolic steroids, the same anabolic steroids we have available today have been used in competitive sports since the 1950’s starting first with the Soviet and U.S. Olympic teams.
  • We know many major league baseball players have used anabolic steroids and this use can be traced back in a very high number all the way back to the 1960’s. Even the late great Mickey Mantle is on the list of suspicion.
  • We know that more than half of all NFL players used anabolic steroids in the 1980’s and we know the number hasn’t really changed thanks to implications of such scandals as BALCO and more aptly the confessions of many former players.
  • We know that at a minimum at least 50% of all MLB players have used anabolic steroids since the 1980’s unless the confessions of numerous former MLB players are outright lies and they have no advantage in telling this story.
  • We know the number of athletes who have failed Olympic drug test number in the thousands since the inception of the test in the 1970’s and we know the number is in the thousands yet again regarding those who’ve failed the test but been given a pass.
  • We know the relationship between athletes and steroids has touched golf, basketball, boxing, MMA, wrestling, swimming, power lifting, tennis and bodybuilding. In each of these sports there is recorded use or admission of use and the numbers are not low by any stretch.
  • Need we continue, because we can if you’d like and we can assure you, the list will make you scream if you find yourself in the anti-anabolic steroid camp; to be blunt, you’ve been sold a lie and made into a fool.

    Athletes and Steroids: The Absolute Truth:

    There is a reason athletes and steroids continue to coexist; to begin, as stated, they work and athletes understand they work like nothing else. It is also the athletes who typically educate themselves on these substances and most of them use them quite responsibly. Let’s face it, if they were as dangerous as you’ve been led to believe don’t you think there’d be a lot of dead bodies to count? The truth of the matter there are no dead bodies, athletes continue to use anabolic steroids in high amounts and no one has died from it yet. Absolutely, some claim that this or that persons death is attributed to anabolic steroid use but that doesn’t make it true; if we told you the sky was purple and made of lollypops would this make it true? Give us proof that steroids can kill you; no one has been able to do it yet and if they could don’t you think they would? Of course they would but they can’t so instead they lie through their teeth and pretend.

    The obvious question is simple; if so many are using anabolic steroids and have been for so long then what’s the big fuss? Keep in mind, we’ve only discussed athletes and steroids, in total, estimates show over six-million adults in the U.S. alone use anabolic steroids every year and no one is dying, no one has had their head fall off or had their heart explode; again, what’s the fuss all about? That’s a good question and unfortunately it is an answer that cannot be given with absolute accuracy. Every legitimate anabolic steroid study and unfortunately we don’t have tons of them but every one shines a positive light, yet the war wages on and for reasons that should make you pull your hair out; why, because they make as much sense as saying you can fly if you jump off a building.