Steroid Information


As it pertains to the female athlete it is a well-accepted fact; anabolic androgenic steroids can be devastating in-terms of destroying femininity. However, while this remains very true it is not so across the board; there are anabolic steroids that can be used by women, not only successfully in-terms of providing performance but while simultaneously protecting them as women. While there are a few steroids that can serve this purpose, without question there is no anabolic steroid more well-suited for such a task as Oxandrolone, commonly known as Anavar. Not only is Oxandrolone very effective for the female athlete it is so well-tolerated that side-effects are rare, virilization is rare and most who supplement with it do so with only positive results.

While the steroid is used by both men and women and in many different camps, one of the most common places to find Oxandrolone, perhaps the most common of all is in the physique sports of female bodybuilding, as well as figure and fitness competitions; far more so in the latter two than most realize. While other steroids and performance enhancing drugs are common in these circles too Oxandrolone remains the most popular for one reason, it is the most side-effect friendly steroid on the market and as side-effects are so dangerous to women it makes it the perfect steroid for them. While only mildly anabolic, Oxandrolone is hardly androgenic and it is often androgenic characteristics that can be so damaging to women in-terms of destroying femininity.

As the perfect female steroid, it is often called “The Girl Steroid” or the “Queen of Steroids” in many circles. Do not misunderstand, many men do and can use Oxandrolone successfully and with good purpose but there are in most cases better alternatives regarding male anabolic steroid use. In order for a man to see any real growth he must necessarily supplement with a massive amount of the hormone and as it is fairly expensive per milligram this can cost the man a whole lot of cheese. Most men who supplement with Oxandrolone will find it is best when coupled with other steroids and never as a foundation. Although it will not suppress natural testosterone to any great degree it is still very weak. Most men who decide to use this steroid will find it useless for bulking and best suited for cutting cycles in addition to other steroids as part of a stack. 

The most obvious question, how much Oxandrolone should one take? Most women will find 10mg per day to be perfect; as Oxandrolone has a half-life of only 9 hours it will need to be administered every single day. While 10g per day is generally perfect 20mg per day can be used safely and in most cases all any women will ever need. However, most men will find anything under 80mg per day to be a complete waste and when we examine the price of this steroid you can easily see why most men will shy away. Oxandrolone almost always comes in 5mg and 10mg tabs and is generally priced at $2-$5 per tablet. Yes, you can find cheaper on the black market manufactured by an underground lab but we’re talking about human grade versions; stay away from underground brands as this is a highly counterfeited steroid. As you can easily see, as this steroid must be taken daily the price along with the dose needed for men is ridiculously high; an 80g dose per day could easily run a man $100 per week.