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Durabolin – NPP


For years, even decades Nandrolone-Phenylpropionate was a rather obscure anabolic steroid; it was produced by pharmacies but the prices were outrageous thereby making the demand initially very low. As demand was low most underground labs didn’t mess with it; after all, if no one wants it then there’s really no point in making or selling it. However, as we enter into the modern era Nandrolone-Phenylpropionate has quickly become one of the more popular anabolic steroids and is undoubtedly one of the faster rising in demand. Commonly referred to by its most popular trade name “Durabolin” and more frequently referred to as NPP, this is a steroid very similar to one of the more popular steroids of all time, Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone-Decanoate) in-fact, the two steroids are almost identical in every way with the only significant difference being in the attached ester. The very structure of the Durabolin steroid as well as the benefits and its direct mode of action is all based on the simple yet powerful Nandrolone hormone but there can be some solid benefits in choosing NPP over the original commonly known Deca as we will see.

Durabolin – NPP 101

NPP is a 19-nor anabolic steroid, in many circles thanks to the popular Alpha Pharma brand referred to as NandroRapid but most commonly as Durabolin or NPP comprised of the powerful Nandrolone hormone and attached to the moderately small Phenylpropionate ester; with that in mind and as you recall from above, the Nandrolone hormone is the same as the Nandrolone hormone in Deca-Durabolin. Nandrolone, like testosterone is a hormone we all produce naturally; it is produced to a far lesser degree than testosterone but is not a foreign substance nevertheless. As this hormone is essential to growth exogenous forms have been used for many years to treat ailments and conditions that require just that, growth. Many forms of cancer, aids, anemia or any ailment that can cause a severe loss of muscle tissue or weight can often benefit from this hormone. By the presence of Nandrolone we increase nitrogen retention in the muscles, our hemoglobin and red blood cell count goes up as well as increasing in structural nature; all being key factors to muscle tissue growth and weight gain. Not only are these factors important to muscle tissue increasing but play a vital role in preserving the muscle tissue you already have, improving your body’s overall performance, repair and regeneration and it even greatly affects your overall metabolic activity.

There are as you know quite a few anabolic androgenic hormones and many of them carry similar traits but Nandrolone has a bit of a special nature to a degree as it does not aromatize at the rate of so many other anabolic steroids. In-fact, Nandrolone and in this case NPP only converts at about 20% of the rate of testosterone. This does not mean estrogenic side-effects are of no concern, as we can see it still aromatizes and as by its very nature Durabolin is a progestin and side-effects are something we will still need to be aware of if you use to remain proper.

A Phenylpropionate ester based anabolic steroid; Durabolin is a moderately fast acting steroid as can be noted in the popular performance enhancing name NandroRapid, which simply means “Fast-Acting Nandrolone.” Phenylpropionate is one of the smaller esters we have available, not much larger than the Propionate ester but a good bit smaller than say Enanthate or Cypionate esters and much smaller than the Decanoate ester commonly attached to the Nandrolone hormone. As Durabolin is a small ester based anabolic hormone it carries with it a half-life of only a few days and unlike it’s brother Deca-Durabolin, NPP must be administered on a very frequent basis; most will find every 3 days to be sufficient with every other day being optimal. Further, because this Nandrolone form has such a small ester attached to it the initial activity will be fairly quick, hence the common term “NandroRapid” but as it is small and carries such a short half-life the total duration of activity will be rather short lived. This can be very useful for the end of a cycle as Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) can start much sooner with NPP than Deca-Durabolin; however, it must be noted, this does nothing for detection times regarding tested athletes as Nandrolone is detectable for nearly 18 months regardless of the attached ester.

The Benefits of Durabolin – NPP:

NPP is one of the more beneficial anabolic androgenic steroids anyone could ever use and its power is just that; very powerful. Durabolin can be very useful for performance enhancing athletes as well as those undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) but HRT patients will normally find Deca-Durabolin to be far more common than NPP. From looking at the mode of action of the Nandrolone hormone it should be fairly easy to see strength and size are both easily promoted but it is tissue growth that remains the primary factor. While increasing muscle tissue size is this compounds primary role it presents a secondary nature that can be of great benefit to most any user in the form of joint relief; this is of special importance to many performance athletes as their joints often take a brutal beating.

As growth is the primary mode of action most will supplement with Nandrolone hormones while bulking; after all, the entire point of bulking is growth. However, Nandrolone hormones can be very useful for the leaning out phase as well; NPP and the original Deca are commonly used in competitive bodybuilding as a contest prep steroid but in the case of contest prep Durabolinis rapidly becoming more popular. As a smaller ester based hormone, as is common among smaller ester forms water retention appears to be significantly less when NPP is present than compared to Deca-Durabolin. If nothing else use during this period can be very useful to the joints as they can really take an extra beating during the leaning out phase but as Nandrolone is a fantastic tissue preserver this too makes NPP a good solid choice.

As alluded to, NPP is a very powerful anabolic steroid due to it being pure Nandrolone. Much of this power is due to the immense capability it holds in promoting nitrogen retention; a key factor in growth, as more nitrogen retention equates to a greater ability and efficiency in the growth process. Couple this with its extreme protein synthesis and you have an excellent hormone for almost any athletic purpose, being on the field or in the gym and one in NPP that provides it at a fairly quick rate.

While these are some very important as well as exciting traits they are hardly the only ones. Durabolin further provides an excellent boost to the naturally produced yet very powerful anabolic hormone IGF-1; one of the most important and essential anabolic hormones of all. Not only is IGF-1 powerful in its own right it also greatly regulates the promotion of another peptide base hormone HGH and by these two hormones we have effectively effected almost every cell in the human body in a positive manner towards total anabolic activity.

Through all of these effects and benefits, while on their own amazing it is the compounds metabolic promotion that may be the most important of all; after all, it is largely overall metabolic activity that greatly determines the extent of everything at hand. Through the use of Durabolin we greatly promote hypertrophy without the increase in body-fat that often accompanies tissue gains. Yes, we must still fuel our body with enough calories to grow but we are able to fuel to a greater degree; look at it like a gas tank, your gas tank has expanded allowing for more fuel without spilling over. This may be a bit of an oversimplification but it should give you a pretty good idea. This trait is not only useful when bulking but perhaps when dieting even more so; for the more food we can eat when dieting while still losing fat the more lean tissue we’ll hold onto in the end.

The Side-Effects of Durabolin – NPP:

Be it an anabolic steroid, a hormone of any type, an over the counter medication such as cough syrup or headache medicine there is a possibility for negative side-effects to occur. Anabolic steroids make no exception and as an anabolic steroid NPP carries with it the same possibility. It is also important to note each steroid carries with it its own potential for risk; some more so than others and often it can be rather low. Regardless of potential, in most cases side-effects are very easily controlled when the individual does not supplement haphazardly and irresponsibly. When we examine Durabolin we will find it is not the most side-effect friendly, meaning the potential for adverse effects is not low but it is by no means what we’d consider high either as the adverse effects are very easily controlled.

While there are a few possible and potential side-effects to NPP use there is one that is assured in all but it is not something we can aptly label negative or adverse. The Nandrolone hormone will suppress natural testosterone production in the body and this is the case with all anabolic steroids but when regarding Nandrolone it is more pronounced. Nandrolone suppresses to the greatest degree possible; in-fact, one low dose injection of NPP can be enough to suppress total production 100%. No, it does not matter what some big guy at the gym told you, it doesn’t matter how much testosterone you normally naturally produce; Nandrolone will suppress natural testosterone production completely. While this sounds horrible and it can be if Durabolin is all you supplement with, it is not nearly as horrible sounding as you might think. Responsible use of NPP will almost always include exogenous testosterone therapy; you are no longer producing your own testosterone and by that you need to provide your body with the hormone it needs and as testosterone is one of the most important hormones of all you bet, you truly need it. Most will find a 2:1 ratio of Testosterone:NPP to be perfect but it is something you may have to play with a little to get just right. As this combo stack will serve you well in-terms of overall function and health it must also be mentioned the combo of these two anabolic hormones will further only enhance the gains and progress you make in-terms of anabolic activity; you bet, it’s win, win.  Further, once all Nandrolone is out of your system, as well as any other anabolic steroids, natural production will begin yet again.

As for other side-effects, some common side-effects can occur even though aromatase is very low but recall as a progestin the risk is there. As the adverse reactions can occur the dosing will play a large role; the higher the dose the greater the progesterone levels can climb and such an effect can lead to Gynecomastia and excess water retention. For this reason doses should remain responsible and often aromatase inhibitors can be very useful and this is especially true when dieting. Further and this cannot be overstated, individual sensitivity will play a huge role; some can supplement with massive amounts of Durabolin and be just fine while others if they look at a bottle of NPP find it to be very harsh; in this there is no way to predict.

The Power of Deca & NPP:

It is debated in gyms and on message boards the world over, which is better, which is more powerful, the original, Deca-Durabolin or the NandroRapid version of Durabolin/NPP? After just skimming through so far you should already have the answer but some are so entrenched in thinking that it will need to be focused on in a more direct fashion and yes, there is an absolute answer to this question. Neither is really better than the other, in the end it all boils down to personal preference. Both are comprised of the same Nandrolone hormone, while each has its own distinct ester attached the attached ester does not change the manner in-which the hormone performs; yes, the same benefits can be obtained with either form.

Durabolin – NPP Cycles & Stacks:

Most commonly NPP will be used in bulking cycles as it is so well-apt to promoting growth but as discussed it can be a very useful tool in cutting cycles as well; this is very evident by its increasing popularity in such cycles. Generally most all NPP will be found to come in a 10ml vile and is generally dosed at 100mg/ml or 200mg/ml. Regardless of use, be it cutting or bulking some testosterone use is highly advised based on the suppression issue we discussed above, as is an aromatase inhibitor for side-effect prevention if that becomes a problem. However, for the dieting Durabolin user planning to use an aromatase inhibitor from the start is not a bad idea as it will ensure they have a tighter look overall.

The most common Durabolin cycles are generally in the 8 week range but this hormone can be used for longer, up to 12 or even 16 weeks if desired. Unlike its brother Deca-Durabolin, NPP will become active very quickly and results will be noticed in only a couple weeks and while this doesn’t mean extra results it is a nice effect. Regardless of the purpose of use generally 100mg per week will be enough to get some joint relief with a minimum of 200mg per week being the minimal optimal level for a good anabolic bump. While 200mg per week can be a good starting point most will find 300mg-400mg per week to be far more optimal and a schedule of every other day administration frequency to be just about perfect. For example, 100mg injected on an every other day basis would be a fine place for most any performance enhancer to start.