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Testosterone in Men

In the world of performance enhancement testosterone is king yet for reasons that make very little sense in some circles some performance enhancers are petrified of it. The common fears often revolve around estrogenic related side-effects, gaining body-fat and looking soft but when we understand the hormone and when we understand the importance of testosterone in men these concerns begin to look nothing short of ridiculous. In the performance enhancing world, much like most things in life there is an old saying find what works best for you and in most cases this is very good advice; however, as it pertains to testosterone in men it is not so cut and dry. In the arena of performance enhancement the general idea is to get bigger or stronger or to build a more pleasing well-rounded physique and perhaps a combination of all three and there is no hormone on earth more responsible for this action than testosterone.

Misplaced Fears of Testosterone in Men

The common belief by some is that they can build a better physique without testosterone and without side-effects that may accompany its use by simply sticking with other anabolic steroids. Lets begin by stating what should be the obvious; the primary hormone in the human male is testosterone and it is by the amount of testosterone in men that we display many of our physical traits; this includes those of a muscular nature. Further, testosterone is the primary hormone for which all anabolic steroids owe their allegiance and not to mention the most well-tolerated steroid for most any man; after all, testosterone in men is not a foreign substance, not by a long shot.

So what about the side-effects, when we increase the total testosterone in men through exogenous use how do we combat them? As most of the side-effects are due to the conversion to estrogen the answer is very simple; when we increase the levels of testosterone in men we must decrease the amount of estrogen flowing in our body and reduce the conversion process that may occur. Through the use of an aromatase inhibitor such a conversion process cannot occur; you cannot convert something from thin air. However, when we speak of possible side-effects the most worrisome for many is bloating or excess water retention. Excess water retention can occur due to the aromatase process but as weve discussed an aromatase inhibitor will eliminate this problem. However, for the majority it is not the only concern; for the majority the problem is they simply eat too many carbohydrates and blame their excess water retention on the testosterone supplementation. If most men would keep their diets in check, keep aromatase inhibitors on hand then when the testosterone in men increases such problems would be little more than an afterthought.

Testosterone in Men = Perfection

As it is the primary male hormone if one is to supplement with anabolic steroids it only makes sense to supplement with the hormone most familiar to the body. Is testosterone the greatest anabolic steroid of all time; there are a few that are more powerful but as it is so easily well-tolerated and powerful in its own right it truly may be the greatest steroid of all time. In the end, when we increase the total testosterone in men they will in-fact display traits of a more pronounced nature, traits they already display, simply amplified and isnt that the very idea?