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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

For decades the anabolic steroid testosterone has been used as a means of performance enhancement in the sporting world and at one time it was deemed an anti-aging wonder drug but as the years past and anabolic steroids took on a bad name this fame began to wane. However, in recent years testosterone replacement therapy has once again made a return to the mainstream and for good reason; testosterone replacement therapy works. Men the world over receive testosterone replacement therapy on a regular basis and see dramatic improvements in their well-being and life as a whole.

The idea of testosterone replacement therapy is simple; to increase the level of free flowing testosterone in the body. As we age our natural testosterone levels begin to fall and fall more rapidly with each passing year. With testosterone replacement therapy we can stave off some of the effects of age and in many cases reverse effects already in place.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Administration:

As you understand, testosterone is an anabolic steroid; it is a hormone naturally occurring in the body but through testosterone replacement therapy we are administering a synthetic form of the hormone. If you qualify for testosterone replacement therapy the drug is generally administered via injection, a transdermal patch or in gel form. The injectable form is far more efficient than any other method; while all methods present possible negative side-effects only patches and gels present the possibility of skin irritation where the medication is applied.

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

As discussed, as we age our testosterone levels fall and in doing so we experience a loss of muscle tissue, a slower metabolic rate, lower levels of energy, a decrease in bone strength as well as a decreased libido. With adequate testosterone replacement therapy we can see improvement in all the areas mentioned, in some cases quite dramatically. In most cases you will need to be at least thirty years of age to qualify for testosterone replacement therapy but there are exceptions; your total testosterone levels will determine this in the end.

Receiving Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

Many men receive testosterone replacement therapy from their family physician, some prefer seeing an endocrinologist but increasingly a more common method is through a hormone replacement clinic or what is sometimes referred to as a rejuvenation clinic. These particular clinics specialize in testosterone replacement therapy and you may find them to be of great benefit.