Steroid Information

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Enanthate is basically an ester which is commonly attached to a steroid typically testosterone. It determines the time during which the testosterone enters the circulation. Enanthate is a slow release ester meaning the steroid remains active in the body for a longer time and so needs to be injected less frequently.

How it Works

Enanthate is most commonly found as testosterone enanthate. Body builders and power lifters buy enanthate because it gives quality muscles; though the muscle build up is not rapid and takes time. Sportsperson also buy enanthate testosterone for strength gains and performance enhancement. The muscle mass build up with this steroid is achieved because it promotes protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Protein synthesis increases the muscle mass and potentiates the process of growth. It also encourages nitrogen retention which also helps in enhancing the size and shape of the muscles. It is also said to increase the number of muscle fibers.

You can also buy enanthate testosterone if you wish to enhance your performance. This steroid has the ability to raise the red blood cell count in the body. More red blood cells results in an increase in the volume of blood and more carriers for oxygen and other useful nutrients in the body. This increases the endurance level of the user giving him/her more stamina for intense workouts. Intense workouts can be exhausting and besides depleting the energy levels, the users often suffer from injuries during workouts. Those who buy enanthate testosterone however have commented that this steroid gave them more energy for stressful workouts and helped them to recover rapidly from the exhausting workout regime too. It even helped in healing the injuries caused to the muscles by increasing the activity of the satellite cells; the satellite cells repair the injured muscles. Another amazing property of this steroid is to shield the muscles from destruction which occurs in the form of protein catabolism.

Bodybuilders and power lifters also buy enanthate testosterone as it gives the simultaneous benefits of muscle gain with fat loss. This steroid cleanses your body of the unwanted fat deposits and gives you a strong lean muscular physique.

Clinical uses of testosterone enanthate are many; it can be used to cure diseases which occur due to deficiency of testosterones in the body. It is also found to be useful in preventing breast cancer from spreading further in women. It can also be used in the treatment of osteoporosis as it has the ability to raise the calcium level in the bones thereby increasing the bone density. It is also given to anemic people as it raises the number of red blood cells in the body. Having a long half life which is eleven days, this steroid should be taken once a week. The recommended dosage for enanthate testosterone is 250 to 1000 mg per week depending whether you are a leisure user or a professional body builder.

Side Effects of Enanthate

Before you buy enanthate you must bear in mind that it comes with several side effects which occur mostly if the user takes it for an extended period of time. It can cause prostrate cancer in men. Men may also suffer from gynocomastia; a condition in which men develop large breasts. Women on the other hand become a victim of Virilization; a condition which gives them male features such as excessive hair on the body and face, deep voice and flat breasts. Disruption in menstrual cycle also occurs with this drug.

Water retention is a common complaint too. In water retention fluid collects under the skin depriving the muscles of their hard toned look and making them puffy instead. Increased aggressiveness, baldness, acne and possible kidney damage due to electrolyte disturbance is also common with this steroid.