Steroid Information

Testosterone Levels

Have you noticed in recent years you have a lack of energy, not as much pep in your step as you once did? Has your sex drive diminished, have you noticed your physique has declined even if you implore proper diet and exercise; have you noticed a lacking in desire for diet and exercise? How about stress, are you generally stressed do you have any symptoms or feelings of depression? If you display any of these symptoms or a combination of a few the odds are your testosterone levels are low and with improper testosterone levels its only going to get worse. While there are other instances and conditions that can cause the same effects, when were speaking of adult men nine times out of ten were speaking of a condition known as low testosterone and it is a condition that will affect nearly every man at some point in his life. While this may sound bleak do not let your heart be troubled for we can increase our testosterone levels through therapy and the process is painless and one of the easiest things youll ever do. Unfortunately no, there is nothing you can do to reverse low testosterone in-terms of bringing back normal production, in many ways its simply part of life but you do not necessarily need to let it beat you down.

Determining Low Testosterone Levels

If you display any of the symptoms discussed above there is a good chance you suffer from low testosterone, however, displaying symptoms is not enough; in medical practice in order to receive a needed testosterone prescription an actual number is needed. Herein lies a great problem; natural testosterone levels can vary greatly from one individual to the next; in the United States a general rule of thumb is that an individual will need to display a total testosterone reading of 300 ng/dL or lower to qualify for therapy but what if your previous natural state is much higher? Natural testosterone levels can range anywhere from as high as 850 ng/dL so as you can easily see for some men the 300 ng/dL may not be an accurate point of reference yet it remains so. For this reason it is imperative you are honest with your doctor if testosterone treatment is something you are after; many men are embarrassed when talking about such a condition, especially when we enter the realm of sexually related; dont be, youre only hurting yourself and depriving yourself of proper testosterone levels.

The Common Lie

There is only one true way to increase testosterone levels and that is through the use of anabolic steroid therapy and generally the primary anabolic steroid in the form of synthetic testosterone. However, because anabolic steroids carry with them such a strong negative connotation in popular culture many are petrified of use and this stretches far and wide into the medical field as well. For this reason many will search out alternative methods such as natural testosterone boosters, as well as implementing more exercise into their routine and eating foods that have been shown to increase testosterone levels. It is true, weight training has been shown to have a positive effect on testosterone and certain foods and natural supplements can increase testosterone levels to a degree but even with all of these things implored we are talking about miniscule amounts; for the man who suffers from low testosterone he would be as well served performing a ritualistic rain dance in hopes of increasing his levels.

Eliminating Concern

As anabolic steroid use is the only way to readily increase testosterone levels one does not need to be afraid. When we are speaking of anabolic steroids we are not speaking of medications or drugs in the common sense largely associated with them; we are speaking of hormones in-which the term Drug may actually be very inappropriate. Further, we are speaking of hormones our body is very familiar with, hormones we have been producing since the day we were born; we are now simply producing them in smaller amounts and that is the problem. Most all men who supplement with exogenous testosterone find it to be very well-tolerated and generally side-effect free when responsible use is implored and in many cases even when supraphysiological doses are taken; however, to increase testosterone levels for therapeutic purposes a supraphysiological dose is not something you will need. Yes, there are possible side-effects that may occur but most all are completely avoidable if precaution is taken. For this reason it is important you do your homework, research testosterone and anabolic steroids in general and you will largely see only positive results; keep in mind, as it is often understated, possible side-effects simply mean possible; it does not mean guaranteed.