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Winstrol Depot


Without question it is one of the most popular anabolic steroids of all time, largely thanks to the massive amount of media attention it has received over the years due to professional sports. A large amount of this notoriety stemmed from the 1988 Olympic Games when Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson destroyed the U.S. golden body Carl Lewis but later tested positive for the hormonal substance. While Johnson would be stripped of his medals and viewed in infamy by many his performance would not soon be forgotten and the popularity of this steroid would only shoot through the roof. Many anabolic steroids have a stronger popularity in one circle over another but in the case of Winstrol we have an anabolic steroid that is very popular in every single one; from bodybuilders, both men and women, gym rats, baseball players, football players, track and field athletes and everything in-between Winstrol is often found in the bag of tricks of both veterans and newbies to the game. Yes, you read the list correctly; Winstrol can be used by women and successfully so; in-fact it is one of the very few anabolic steroids women can use with a higher percentage of well-tolerated users than most anabolic androgenic steroids.

Winstrol Depot 101:

Stanozolol is a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) based anabolic steroid first developed by Sterling-Winthrop Laboratories under the trade name Winstrol. Like many anabolic steroids the Stanozolol hormone can be found in both an oral and injectable form but it is the injectable form we are concerned with here and as such it carries the Depot addition to its name. Winstrol Depot is a DHT steroid that is found in an aqueous solution, simply meaning it is suspended in water; as you understand anabolic steroids you understand most injectable forms are suspended in oil. As an injectable solution Winstrol Depot carries with it an active half-life of approximately 24 hours meaning frequent administration is very necessary if the hormone is to be maintained at a proper level within the body. While frequent injections may sound like a pain the good news is the hormone becomes active and noticeably so very quickly.

As is common among many DHT based steroids with a few exceptions, Winstrol is only slightly androgenic yet very powerfully anabolic. With the ability to greatly enhance nitrogen retention and protein synthesis this makes the steroid very useful but it is perhaps its ability to lower SHBG so dramatically that is perhaps far more interesting. By lowering SHBG the body is now able to use more testosterone simply because the amount of free testosterone circulating in the body is now increased; Winstrol has this affect to such a strong degree it is more so than any other anabolic androgenic steroid. In many ways this is relatively a very simple anabolic steroid as its very nature is not all that complex, especially when we compare it to not only other DHT anabolics but most anabolic steroids in general. While its nature and mode of action is very simple, its abilities and benefits it can provide can be quite profound.

The Benefits of Winstrol Depot:

Without question Winstrol has two primary points of use with enhancing overall athletic performance being the greatest and its use in competitive bodybuilding during the contest prep phase being its second. Regardless of what kind of athlete you are you will not find too many positive attributes for this steroid in-terms of growth; it will not aid in packing on a lot of lean tissue and for most bodybuilders there is simply little reason to use this steroid during the off-season period. We can however make a slight exception; because Winstrol Depot so greatly lowers SHBG it can create a great synergetic affect with other anabolic steroids and it has been speculated that it has the ability to solidify gains made to a greater degree than many anabolic steroids. While this may be true most will not find it to be of an extreme worthy note to make it worth adding into a bulking cycle based on this possibility.

For the competitive bodybuilder or the gym rat who is simply looking for a more well pleasing physique he will find Winstrol Depot to be well-suited for this purpose, as it will not only aid in preserving muscle and maintaining strength while on a calorie restricted diet but it has the ability to greatly dry out and harden a physique. As is with any steroid that can provide these traits it must be noted they are not magically obtained as often portrayed in popular culture; to display a harder and dryer physique one must already be lean enough; a physique with a layer of fat covering it will not appear harder overnight simply because Winstrol is in play; in-fact, to really see a benefit you will probably need to be in single digit body fat range. For this reason the majority of competitive bodybuilders who use Winstrol Depot during their cutting cycle will do so towards the latter half when body-fat levels are already low. By supplementing with Winstrol during this period the physique will hold less water, appear harder and as a bonus much more vascular.

While hardening is its most important attribute for the bodybuilder, for the performance athlete of pretty much any pursuit it is he that will perhaps find this to be the most beneficial; in-fact, for the performance athlete we can safely say this may be one of the most important anabolic androgenic steroids of all. Winstrol will not provide a lot in the way of mass and this can be a good thing for a few reasons; to begin a lot of mass might raise unwanted suspicion and depending on the sport excess mass could be a hindrance to ability. However, Winstrol can greatly increase strength and this can be translated not only into actual physical power but into speed as well and in the grand scheme can actually aid in overall performance in-terms of how well-trained the individual is. By this the athlete may possess a greater level of endurance, longer staying power in-terms of how fast and strong he is over the long haul.

The Side-Effects of Winstrol Depot:

Of all the anabolic androgenic steroids we have available Winstrol is not a very harsh compound in-terms of direct noticeable side-effects; in-fact, in this regard it is rather mild. Even so, as we will see it is not side-effect free and it can have one negative aspect that can be quite concerning; however, as with all anabolic steroids individual sensitivity and dosing will play a large role and such factors must not be discounted.  One factor many take comfort in is that Winstrol does not aromatize at all making many of the most common anabolic steroid related adverse effects non-existent with this particular steroid; nevertheless, certain side-effects to exist.

The most serious side-effect due to Winstrol use revolves around cholesterol as it can dramatically increase your LDL and even more dramatically decrease your HDL cholesterol levels. For the individual who already suffers from poor cholesterol Winstrol is something he will avoid out of absolute necessity and if it gets out of control while on it’s something you’ll want to strongly consider discontinuing. With cholesterol in mind many will find they are able to control it through proper dieting; diets rich in Omega Fatty Acids can be very beneficial to cholesterol to begin with and increasing such in-take may indeed be the protection you need.

While cholesterol issues are the most serious there is one side-effect that is most common and it is brought about by the manner in-which this steroid simply exist; simply put, injections can be painful and there are perhaps more infections derived from Winstrol Depot than any other steroid. As a steroid suspended in water and as most receive their Winstrol from underground labs it is not uncommon for the solution to be swimming in damaging bacteria. If you purchase human grade Winstrol Depot this problem largely becomes non-existent but it will still be imperative you take extra caution in preparing the injected area so as to ensure no bacteria is part of the equation. If an infection does occur generally it won’t be life-threatening by any means but it can be very painful and even quite nasty looking.

Like all anabolic androgenic steroids Winstrol Depot will suppress natural testosterone levels; while it will not suppress them as dramatically as many other steroids it will still do so to a strong enough degree that warrants remedy. For this reason it is advised you supplement with testosterone during Winstrol use; the form of testosterone does not matter but more than that a good Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is highly advised.

Winstrol Depot & Tabs:

As you are aware the Stanozolol hormone can come in both injectable and oral tablet form; in either case you are receiving the same hormone. Because Winstrol injections can sometimes be painful tablets are often far more popular but as many are unaware Winstrol Depot on a per milligram basis is more powerful than tablet forms. While this is true, in most cases the difference is a bit negligible but there is one benefit that cannot be ignored. Oral Winstrol is very hepatic but Winstrol Depot has very little if any negative effect on liver enzyme levels. However, for the tested athlete, if he is to supplement with Winstrol he will find tablets to be his only option as Winstrol Depot is detectable for several months and tablets for only a few weeks. Further, as this steroid can be friendly to many women, as women necessarily only take low doses many will find tablets to be far more convenient. Winstrol tablets generally come in 10mg and 50mg forms while Winstrol Depot almost always comes dosed at 50mg/ml.

Winstrol Depot Cycles & Doses:

Regardless of your purpose of use most will find 8 weeks of use to be very effective and very efficient; yes, you could stretch it another 4 weeks or so but in the name of responsible use and our health we will limit our course of action to 8 weeks in most cases. Generally speaking most men will find 50mg per day to be highly effective and generally all the Stanozolol they ever need with 100mg per day being the max. While 100mg per day can be used safely you really open the door for cholesterol issues and in most cases such a dosing will be reserved for competitive bodybuilders during the final weeks of their contest prep and is really the only reason a dosing would ever need to go this high.

Keep in mind this steroid has a very short half-life, as you recall it is only 24 hours and daily administration is optimal; however, as frequent injections can be annoying for some an every other day schedule can be implemented but you will not find this to be optimal. If you cannot tolerate daily injections you are advised to stick with tablets or to find another anabolic steroid to use in its place; however, you will find most anabolic steroids that carry traits similar to Winstrol Depot will need to be administered on a frequent basis as well.

For the female athlete, generally 10mg per day is about as high as you’ll want to go with 20mg being a decent dose for female physique competitors the last few days before a competition. A dose of 20mg or more for any extended period of time will almost guarantee symptoms of virilization and even low doses can bring this about. While 10mg per day can cause virilization effects the probability is far in your favor but if symptoms do occur simply discontinue use as soon as they show. Failure to discontinue could lead to the symptoms setting in and becoming permanent and this is not something any woman will ever want. As female dosing of this hormone should be low most women will simply choose tablets but if tablets are not available Winstrol Depot can be a fine choice.