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Steroid Testing

Depending on the side of the fence you stand on your concerns will vary but regardless of where you fall there is no doubt about it, steroid testing is in many ways a big problem. For the athlete many view it as unnecessary, intrusive and an infraction against personal rights. For those who are opposed to anabolic steroid use they often find the tests lacking in efficiency as well as consistency. Many would like to see steroid testing administered to athletes far more often than it is now, however this would be a very expensive endeavor.

While the above concerns are very real the truest statement we can make is quite simple; steroid use among not only athletes but society as a whole is much higher than most are willing to admit. While steroid use is prohibited by most sporting organizations athletes still use them abundantly in-spite of impending testing. After all, most athletes can beat the test and if you can beat it and do so regularly you’re going to use anabolic steroids.

Steroid Testing & Organized Sports:

Most organized sports prohibit the use of anabolic steroids. Associations such as the NFL, MLB and the NBA all have a standard of rules they adhere to and this includes prohibiting anabolic steroid use. With that in mind, if you participate in one of those sports or any sport where use is prohibited and choose to use any way, yes, you are breaking the rules, you are cheating. The argument surrounding should you be allowed to use them is a separate issue, as is the argument of “should they be allowed in particular sports.”

As an athlete who participates in organized sports, be it professional or collegiality, understand this simple truth; whether or not you decide to use them, steroid testing will be a part of your regular life. Some states have even gone as far as to require steroid testing for high school athletes; although most states do not, a few practice this very expensive measure.

Common forms of Steroid Testing:

In most all cases there is one form of steroid testing applied; most commonly a urinalysis. While a urinalysis is the most common method it isn’t very cheap; testing for recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, etc. is far less expensive. Beyond a simple urine test, hair-follicle testing is the other primary method, although it will cost the tester a massive amount of money. This type of testing is not as common as a urinalysis and is only used in certain cases. Regardless, as rigorous and strict as these tests have become athletes continue to beat the test and go undetected.

Primary Testing:

In most steroid testing they are looking at testosterone levels; if you’re testosterone levels are too high then you fail the test. Pretty simple really and a decent way to detect anabolic steroid use; decent but far from great and to tell you the truth this type of testing is beat more often than not. Do you recall the BALCO scandal of the early 2000’s? BALCO introduced a transdermal testosterone cream that was undetectable to steroid testing. A ratio of 50% testosterone and 50% epitestosterone, the combination made this drug truly a remarkable invention. As remarkably innovative as it was many still beat the test without using a state of the art anabolic such as BALCO’s “The Clear.” The key is understanding the drugs, understanding half-lives, detection times, testing procedures as well as products you can buy as extra insurance to ensure you are clean.

The Bottom Line:

The bottom line is simple; steroid testing is a joke. It is largely ineffective. As long as athletes need and desire to perform steroids will be used and athletes will again and again prove to be one step ahead of the game. Sure, eventually someone comes along and blows a whistle but every single time the athletes simply find another route to take. It’s been an on-going never ending circle of action for over 50 years and it shows no end in sight.