Steroid Information

Buy Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate is a potent steroid which is quite popular among bodybuilders and athletes. Leisure users also buy testosterone propionate as it gives amazing results.

How it Works

Testosterone propionate has a balanced androgenic as well as anabolic ratio. Testosterone propionate is formed by attaching the propionate ester with testosterone. Propionate is a ester with a short half life of around four and a half days.

Testosterone propionate gives exceptional muscle mass and those who buy testosterone propionate can gain from this ability. Nitrogen retention and protein synthesis are two main processes this steroid encourages. Both processes contribute towards building muscle mass. This steroid not only promotes muscle growth making the muscles bigger and better but also guards them against muscle wasting diseases known as protein catabolism. Diet and exercise play an important role in muscle building that is why the user must take a protein rich diet when using this steroid. The body builders and athletes also go through intense training which is quite stressful to the body. The user needs stamina for the workouts and this steroid gives that stamina by increasing the number of red blood cells in the body. It also increases the activity of the satellite cells present in the body. The satellite cells repair the damaged muscles in the body and reduce the time the body takes to recover from stressful exercises. Those who buy testosterone propionate notice a sudden increment in the energy levels and an overall feeling of well being.

Users buy testosterone propionate because it gives excellent muscle gains as well as rids the body of the unwanted stubborn fat. This happens because of the ability of this steroid to bind to the androgen receptors. Sportsperson buy testosterone propionate because unlike other steroids, it does not cause excessive water retention. Water retention destroys the toned look of the muscles and is a major side effect of many steroids.

Side Effects of Testosterone Propionate

Although water retention is not pronounced with this drug, it may eventually lead to water retention and bloating muscles if the drug is taken over an extended period of time. As it has both anabolic as well as androgenic properties, this steroid has the side effects of both. It aromatizes as well as converts to DHT. Due to aromatization, the testosterones convert to estrogen and produce gynocomastia in men. Gynocomastia is a condition in which men develop very large breasts. This condition can be controlled if drugs having anti-estrogenic properties are used along with this steroid.

In women it produces Virilization when taken for a long time. In Virilization women develop masculine features such as excessive body and facial hair and deep voice. It may even render them infertile as it disturbs the menstrual cycle and in extreme cases the women do not menstruate at all.

Some side effects which occur due to DHT conversion are hair loss (male pattern baldness) and steroid acne. Oily skin and hirtuism are other common side effects. Testosterone propionate does not affect the liver but does give high blood pressure; those users with a history of cardiac diseases in the family should use it with caution.

Mood swings and increased aggression occur with this steroid too. It nurtures irritability and makes a person short tempered. The user may also suffer from anxiety and depression. Another major side effect of testosterone propionate is that it suppresses the natural production of testosterones in the body. Again in extreme cases total shut down occurs; the sperm count decreases too.

If you intend to buy testosterone propionate you should comply with the recommended dosage of 250-500 mgs per week for men.