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Androgenic Steroids

Anabolic androgenic steroids, you know you want a hormone with anabolic properties but many times people are unaware of how important the androgenic factor is and make no mistake choosing androgenic steroids in nature can often be far more beneficial than those of a more pure anabolic sense. Androgenic steroids derive from the nature of androgens with testosterone being the primary androgen of concern and often the more androgenic a hormone is the more apt it is for size and massive buildups in strength in a conjoined effort. Androgenic steroids are without question the most powerful of the various forms but it is of an interesting note, just because a steroid is androgenic in nature does not mean it will possess androgenic qualities.

The Most Powerful Androgenic Steroids:

Without question the two most prominent androgenic steroids include Testosterone and Trenbolone with Trenbolone holding an androgenic power that is 500 times greater than testosterone. Not only are both of these steroids androgenic in nature but they are in action as well and that is very important; for example, the steroid Halotestin is nearly twice as androgenic in nature to Trenbolone yet possess no androgenic traits. Conversely we have anabolic androgenic steroids such as Dianabol and Anadrol that have low androgenic natures yet produce some decent androgenic traits. In short what this tells us is the androgenic nature of a hormone is worth very little on its own but how well it correlates to and with the androgen receptors will be what we find of high value. If you are lucky enough to come across a steroid that is highly androgenic in nature as well as in action such as Testosterone and Trenbolone then you have something very special.

The Fear of Androgenic Steroids:

Of the androgenic steroids testosterone is the primary form and it is testosterone for which all owe their allegiance. Over the years many performance enhancing athletes have begun to fear the testosterone hormone as this potent androgen promotes a fair amount of aromatase. As you understand aromatase is what causes water retention and in many cases Gynecomastia; it should be noted some steroids that do not aromatize can still cause Gyno as it is commonly known quite easily if the steroid carries a progestin nature. Let’s get to the point; being afraid of androgenic steroids is ridiculous and as testosterone is the primary one and the hormone of all anabolic androgenic steroids that is more well-tolerated by the body a fear of this hormone makes no sense. Water retention and Gynecomastia are so easy to control that if you do fall prey to either one something else is going on; we’re sorry to say it but the truth is simple and that is you simply don’t know what you’re doing.

Gynecomastia can easily be controlled with SERM’s and AI’s with AI’s being the most efficient. Many performance athletes however often shy away from these items out of fear of it taking away from their gains. Let’s again be clear, if the anabolic androgenic steroids you are using are of top shelf form and if all other things in your life are of an adequate nature, training, food, rest, etc. then your growth will not be hindered. Further, AI’s can also help with water retention and there’s no question androgenic steroids like testosterone can cause water retention but guess what, so can eating too much so before you blame the steroids maybe you need to look at the way you’re stuffing your face. Eating too much is a sin of many athletes who are trying to grow; the truth is most do not need near the amount of food they believe they do and certainly not near the amount of carbohydrates as these really promote bloating and water weight. Learn to control your diet and you’ll see a lot of this water fear laid to rest.