Steroid Information


Youve been dieting but fat-loss has slowed down or worse, it has come to a complete halt. Youre eating a very low calorie diet, youre rigorous with your cardio schedule but the fat wont go away. You may have tried a cheat meal to rev your metabolism up; often as fat-loss slows a good cheat meal will spike our metabolism and more fat will be burned but this will only work to a point. Its simple really, to burn fat we need release of the T3 hormone in our body; as our body-fat drops so does the rate of release of the T3 hormone. There is good news, its called Liothyronine Sodium; you know it as the drug  Cytomels.

Cytomel is the synthetically made version of the T3 hormone and by taking Cytomel we do one simple thing; increase our T3 levels thereby allowing our body to burn more fat, its actually very simple. A common question for many is when should they start using Cytomel? Should they wait until fat-loss halts and there are no other options or should they allow it to get to that point? Theres really no cut and dry one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Many Cytomel userschoose to use it from the very start of their diets, many wait till the very end and use it for a very short time; one way is not more common than the other.

There is no question; those who use Cytomel from the early stages of the diet will burn a larger quantity of fat than those who dont. The question or concern over this long term use isnt doesnt it work better but rather is it safe? When we take in T3 hormones our body has no need to release its own, so the fear is with long term  Cytomel use our bodys wont produce their own T3 once use is discontinued. There is some very good news though; the Pituitary Gland from which T3 derives appears to be a fast recovering part of the body; much like the liver in that sense. As many know, as liver enzymes rise from damage caused to the liver, the enzyme levels can fall just as fast as they rose once whatever was causing the damage is ceased. However, there must be a cutoff even for the liver; there is a point of no return. For that reason, many Cytomel users are urged to only use when it is a must; that could include the end of a diet or even the entire diet itself but not a year round basis. There is no doubt and it is unanimously agreed upon, your Pituitary Gland does need time to recover.

Cytomel doses are often another concern; you obviously dont want to take too much but you dont want to take too little either; otherwise what would be the point? A mere 25mcg of Cytomel will burn a ton of fat; thats one tablet per day but your body will adapt quickly. Remember, our bodies do not want to lose weight, especially when we start creeping into very low body-fat levels. It will do all it can to adjust and slow down the fat burning process, that is why we must slowly and methodically raise the dose of Cytomel as we go along. There is no need to begin use with a high dose; proper use will begin low and creep up as you go along; it should be noted 100mcg to 125mcg per day is the maximum dose anyone should ever safely use. Further, coming off Cytomel is another important step. Many argue the proper protocol; some will say stopping cold turkey is fine. In the sense that it wont kill you, sure, cold turkey is fine but you may indeed find a smoother transition if you simply lower the dose and come off slowly. A drop in Cytomel dosage to 25mcg every day for one or two weeks will allow for a smoother ride and a happier individual in the end.